Arsalan Malik: Film Entrepreneur Who Opened Closed Doors

December 17 14:21 2021

As the famous American comedian and actor Milton Berle said: ’If opportunity doesn’t come knocking, build a door!

That aptly describes the story of Arsalan Malik, a highly successful film entrepreneur in Alaska. Arsalan’s successful entrepreneurship journey in the ever-competitive film industry says something exciting.

The film guru’s story proves that one can create a most rewarding career and achieve his dreams with the right qualities. Among these are perseverance, grit, and wisdom.

Arsalan’s Inspiring Story: Small Beginnings, Tender Age

A famous saying notes that ‘running a successful business is no cakewalk.’ Regardless, the story of Arsalan Malik tells a most inspiring tale.

Arsalan’s story started out there in Alaska.

With his brother Salman Malik, Arsalan started young and small; the siblings inaugurated Bizzay, a small film production company at Anchorage, Alaska. As noted, they did this at a tender age.

The duo commenced their film production business, soon developing a full-fledged crew in their Alaska home. Since 2008, Arsalan and his associates have endeavored to create compelling film content that caters to the needs of their hordes of fans; this is their primary USP.

As fate would have it, Arsalan’s film production endeavors started on a sound note when the government decided to grant some much-needed tax credits in 2008. The company also enjoyed a wealth of creative talent and beautiful scenery.

These factors greatly inspired Arsalan’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Learning From Experience

In November 2016, Arsalan’s company eventually received a formal business license; an official launch followed this.

Unsurprisingly, Arsalan’s resilient film enterprise went on to survive the phasing out of the initial tax credits in 2015. The determined troupe courageously continued their content production despite the setback, uninterrupted.

The group showcased its talent at Alaska’s famous Experience Theatre with multiple premiers.

At first, Arsalan’s company concentrated on producing promotional videos; these catered to various clubs and teams. All this called for a mix of passion and unrelenting dedication.

However, much needed to be done before the company could finally rise above the waters.

Picking Courage; Taking Risks

Taking a cue from the initial challenges, Arsalan and his associates soon decided to shed off unpromising public engagements that added little value to the company’s fortunes. They wisely kept off such unfruitful platforms.

In time, Arsalan’s company took the plunge into the murky waters – it commenced the production of its first-ever feature film. The film conveyed a compelling social message.

The turnaround in fortunes was almost instant!

Bizzay’s debut feature film received great public acclaim, with thousands of audiences kept spellbound. The film’s runaway success was credited to Arsalan and associate’s excellent editing, direction, and production genius.

Winning Acclaim

So, in a nutshell, what is Arsalan’s secret?

He puts it simply:

“Nothing compares with creating artistic chemistry with those you work with. Yes, I was raised up making art with close friends. I’ll never forget the magic produced by bonding closely with intimate friends while carrying out business. This has been my most cherished experience in life.”

Today, Arsalan’s Bizzay company stands out as a highly successful film company in Alaska; it’s a major brand that attracts thousands of viewers online.

Bizzay is also known for successfully premiering films at various festivals. Little wonder, the company has won wide acclaim and recognition by major news outlets worldwide.

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