Donate to AUADD’s Safe Driving App to Educate More Teens Against the Dangers of Destructive Driving

December 16 21:15 2021
Highway safety all-volunteer charity now accepts non-cash items, in addition to cash, to support their upcoming proven life-saving app for teens.

America is having a crisis, and destructive driving is the culprit. According to William Michael Piecuch, Jr., Founder and President of Americans United Against Destructive Driving (AUADD), “In the first half of 2021, highway deaths are up 18.4%. The largest number of fatalities in that time period, since 2006.” These numbers can be frustrating since highway deaths can be avoided through proper driving education. “Virtually every highway crash is preventable. That is the maddening aspect of destructive driving,” William added.

Established in 2003, AUADD is a 501c3 organization constantly striving to battle destructive driving through their Turn On Safe Driving (TOSD) educational program. Thanks to TOSD, they have successfully educated over 400,000 teenagers against the dangers of destructive driving. And now, they are building an app version of this former paper-based program to reach and educate more teens against the dangers of destructive driving. Learn more about the app here:

Now more than ever, AUADD is in need of donations to make this critical app possible. In addition to cash, they now accept non-cash items through their crowdfunding page at

Among the non-cash donations they accept are automobiles, precious metals and stones, gift cards worth at least $25 from an accepted company, publicly traded stocks in mutual funds, designer purses, business inventory stocks, and collectibles. For greater accessibility, they also accept unconventional items like recreational vehicles, planes, boats, real estate of any size (residential or commercial), art, coin or stamp collections, and so on. Watch the video at to know more about what can be donated.

Join the fight against destructive driving by donating today. For more information about AUADD and their safe driving app, visit

About Americans United Against Destructive Driving (AUADD)

Americans United Against Destructive Driving or AUADD is a highway safety all-volunteer charity that battles the scourges of destructive driving in three ways: teen prevention education, legislative action, and victim services.

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