Checkflow Gets Updated With Self Automation & Conditional Logic for Efficiency

December 15 15:00 2021
Checkflow Gets Updated With Self Automation & Conditional Logic for Efficiency
In a world taken over by digitalized processes, more and more companies – as well as self-employed professionals – tend to rely on automated processes. It is not a new concept – in fact, it has been used for decades. The difference is that these days, it is widely available to everyone out there, including those who work for themselves.

15th December, 2021 – Checkflow is not new. It was launched as an office tool – or better said, an organized. Basically, you could set tasks, mark them as complete, deal with recurring checklists, explore analytics to determine what needs improvement and integrate it with a bunch of different platforms – no coding skills required whatsoever. It was the perfect assistant to keep your tasks and day organized.

Checkflow has been recently updated and takes this office venture to another level. The workflow software allows building a workflow from scratch. Build a template for the process, run more instances and monitor results in real time. Users can come up with conditional logic, automatic assignments, dynamic due dates, customized notifications, parameters and recurring checklists.

The concept is not new in terms of organizing things. However, the workflow automatic is what makes Checkflow stand out. The software allows setting what needs to be done. From that point on, parameters must be added for the concept to move on automatically. The best part about it is that it does not require any programming skills – it features a simple drag and drop operation.

Since pretty much every industry in the world has an office department, the software comes in handy in any field, hence its popularity.

According to a spokesperson, “We have pushed Checkflow further and further. We have tried to provide the perfect organized for anyone. While it works wonders in office environments, the software can be used in pretty much any industry out there. The latest feature adds automation and smart profiles to everyday tasks and activities, saving lots of time, improving accuracy and reducing the incidence of mistakes.”

About Checkflow

Checkflow is one of the most efficient office tools on the market, with the modern capability to integrate automated processes and conditional procedures based on the users’ input. The smart software will reduce the time needed to perform a plethora of processes, but also ensure there are no mistakes whatsoever.

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