Operandio Launches Operations & Digital Checklist Software That Makes Workforce Operations Management Easy

December 14 17:48 2021

Operandio digital checklist & operations software gives you complete control over your business. Digitise your workflows, streamline your processes and monitor staff performance – all with a few simple clicks!

Operandio had its humble beginnings as an application built to help run a children’s entertainment centre with a never ending list of tasks; from opening, cleaning, maintenance inspections and more.

Now, it’s the ultimate Operations & Digital Checklist software solution for managing your business, no matter your industry. Retail? Hospitality? Healthcare? A niche industry that we’ve never even heard of? Don’t worry. Operandio has absolutely everything you need.

Need to eliminate pen and paper from your business? Operandio’s digital checklist platform is superior to traditional pen and paper checklists in a number of key ways;

  • Make your checklists smart Integrate videos, images, hyperlinks and detailed steps by steps for employees to reference directly from their daily jobs. The whole system is connected, including your custom business Knowledge Base for employees to reference when actioning tasks.
  • Real-time task attribution – See the status of completion of tasks at any location at any time via the cloud on any iPhone/Android phone, tablet or desktop. Integrate various response types beyond the standard ‘check box’ with numbers, text and even the soon-to-be-added photo proof task attribution.
  • Custom job scheduling – You can set daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly or custom job schedules to suit your business. You can set ad-hoc jobs that are not part of a dedicated schedule. You can even schedule extended timeframe ‘pinned’ jobs that linger on a job list until complete. 
  • Instant organisational edits/updates – Update your checklists, SOP’s, critical compliance – anything on the system across all locations instantly via the cloud based system. 
  • Reporting – See performance across multiple locations, individuals and jobs via the reporting feature. The system gives you a clear window into frontline operations and performance.
  • Communicate on the same platform – Via the integrated Communication Hub, communicate with staff in the context of your business. Pull in data from your Knowledge base or live tasks. Also, request communication confirmation/message attribution.
  • Go paperless – Eliminate the raw costs of paper, paper document storage and save some trees while you are at it.

Need some checklist templates?
Operandio has it all, with templates from a wide range of industries. If an industry is too niche to have a checklist template, it is easy to make one too.

Need to track a business’ progress? It is possible to keep track of how all of the work in a business is delegated using Operandio’s real-time task attribution, and make sure that staff are meeting their deadlines and KPIs. If they aren’t, it’s easy to give them feedback with the press of a button.

Need tools for Training and Standard Operation Procedure Creation? Create instructional videos, how-to guides, manuals that employees can access at any time, using Operandio’s simple content creation platform. 

Need staff to search for and easily access critical business info? Operandio lets staff access workplace information using simple keywords. With the touch of a button on any device, employees can instantly find the answer to any question they have, anywhere and anytime.

Need to update standard operating procedures? Update procedures and notify staff immediately, using Operandio. That way, all employees know exactly what to do in any given scenario as the business grows.

Need to send messages to employees? Operandio keeps constant contact between all employees. Prioritise important messages, make sure they are actioned, and ensure that staff are always aware of possible improvements by providing feedback.

Need to lower insurance premiums? Keep a stamp of important details such as date, day, time, location and employee on SOP action and compliance records. Prove to the insurer that the business is insurable.

Need your operations & digital checklist software to be affordable? Not only is Operandio a hassle-free workflow management platform, but it is available in two affordable pricing plans that suit any business.

  • Business, providing basic management for the day-to-day operations of any small-to-mid business, which comes with:

○ Unlimited process & task management

○ Team communication & news feed

○ Business Knowledge Base

○ Manager dashboard & notifications

○ Unlimited 24/7 support

  • Enterprise, a custom configuration option for large and complex businesses, which includes everything in the business plan and:

○ Detailed reporting

○ Bespoke roles & permissions

○ Custom organization structure

○ Custom billing terms

○ Dedicated Enterprise support

Operadio’s head of growth, Daniel Scoble said that “Feedback we are getting across the board from business owners and managers is that the platform effectively streamlines how they work.

By digitising, gamifying and standardising (sometimes simply formalising) their standard operating procedures (SOPs), these employers can focus on the big picture rather than the daily minuta and operational noise.

All business owners and managers regardless of size are familiar with; “Where’s this located?”, “How does this work?”, “What do I do when this happens?”. From management’s perspective, “Did this job actually happen whilst I was at another location?”.

Poorly established, untracked SOP’s, and staff error due to practically non-referenceable business knowledge at critical times are the single biggest time and money wasters in any business today.

Operandio and the sophisticated digital checklist platform it is built on, answers these questions daily whilst enabling management to focus ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ the business.

We have seen great traction across hospitality, fitness, entertainment & childcare centres as well as hotels. All verticals are naturally highly operational and have decent compliance standards to uphold. Multi-site franchise and scaling business are a natural fit, however we have also seen some great feedback from owner-operator clients who simply want to formalise their SOP’s and increase productivity.”

Click here to watch Operandio work – https://operandio.com/demo/


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