Audit Advantage Presents Business Owners with a Contingency-Based Credit Card Processing Fee Reduction Solution

December 14 14:06 2021
Audit Advantage is an American company that specializes in optimizing credit card processing programs for its clients without the need to switch processors.

Credit card processing fees may appear insignificant when compared to the other operational business expenses. However, the myriad of small fees contributes to the fact that processing fees are among the costliest expenses business owners face. 

According to The Ascent’s research conducted this year, “the typical credit card processing fee ranges from about 1.3% to 3.5%, plus the payment processor’s cut“. 

Merchants don’t realize the system is stacked against them. Because of high processing fees, business owners feel they must change processors to lower their costs. Processors prey on merchants’ lack of industry knowledge by strategically manipulating fees to give the appearance of legitimacy or low cost. Additionally, business owners do not professionally monitor their fees, giving processors the ability to frequently raise prices and ‘pad’ fees that go undetected.

Audit Advantage, an American brand, is committed to helping all business owners reduce their credit card processing fees with a simple, contingency fee-based program. Clients only pay a small percentage of the achieved and verifiable savings, for a limited period. 

One of the main benefits Audit Advantage provides is the elimination of the need to switch processors. The brand’s program is meant to optimize all aspects of credit card processing by patching weak spots and allowing clients to reap the most out of every transaction through proprietary software, industry expertise, and a constantly evolving database with 1,000’s of processor fees. 

Audit Advantage states that the brand’s clients will have the opportunity to reduce one of the costliest business expenses while facing zero risks and no downsides. Additionally, clients will save time, achieve better results and maintain higher fee reductions because Audit Advantage manages and executes the optimization process from beginning to end.

Audit Advantage’s solutions have been warmly received by thousands of satisfied clients, who have shared their experiences on the brand’s official website. Frank Ringsmuth, Audit Advantage’s client and owner of The Camera Shop stated:

“I don’t have the time or knowledge to comb through my processing statements. Audit Advantage helped me realize significant savings.”

Audit Advantage’s program is comprised of five simple steps. The brand’s in-house team conducts a comprehensive analysis of the client’s processing fees, after which a dedicated auditor will provide a report that summarizes which fees need to be reduced. 

The auditor then collaborates with the client’s current processor and structures a program with reduced fees. Audit Advantage’s experts will coordinate the implementation and achieve substantial savings during the fourth step. The fifth step includes monthly audits that ensure the program’s competitiveness after implementation. A video of the REDUCE process can be found by clicking here

Audit Advantage offers a broad array of other services, including PCI and Cyber Security ManagementCredit Card Processor Selection, Credit Card Processor Conversion, and Payment Processing Consulting

More information about Audit Advantage can be found on the brand’s official website.

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