Tristone Cloud Launches New Productivity App, QR, ID and URL Organizer

December 13 22:33 2021

Cloud solution provider, Tristone Cloud is changing the game in the ‘organizer’ app space with its new productivity app, QR, ID and URL Organizer. Before now, organizer apps were known to make work easier by helping people arranging files according to how they could quickly identify them. They were generally meant for work and the ease of work. Owing to the pandemic and lockdown restrictions, there is now the need to tender vaccination proofs before being allowed entrance into public places.

This new productivity app therefore makes it easy and quick to access vaccination certificates without having to carry hardcopies around and risk losing them. With the app, users can keep identification cards and essential documents in one place digitally. They can also verify the authenticity of each document they carry via a QR code.

Designed by experienced cloud experts, the app has a user-friendly interface that makes viewing documents as a slide show possible. This way no time is wasted as users can show all necessary documents within a short period of time. It is also designed as a tool to use to pass any health check and screening right away. Users can quickly complete and keep any screening form and also have a link to every health check form.

“What makes this document organizer app stand out is its capability of managing the URLs. User can use the app to scan the website’s QR link to open the website. It remembers where the URL originally was scanned and when you open your profile in the app, the first item will always be the website that is the closest to your current location.”

Furthermore, the app allows for multiple profiles for a user. This means unlike some other organizer apps, users can manage several profiles and keep all necessary documents, having them ready for everyone when necessary. This feature is a winner especially for parents who need to keep their kids’ vaccination certificates close.

All documents are securely stored on user’s device offline. This means that users can always access documents without an internet connection. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

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