UNI.xyz announces Martian Hub 2022 – Architecture Competition

December 13 17:51 2021
UNI.xyz announces Martian Hub 2022 - Architecture Competition

The cover image of the competition – Martian Hub by Uni.xyz.
The competition proposes a Housing Colony on Mars — for a small group of inhabitants as a prototype. The vision is to scale this prototype to a larger habitat in the endeavor to expand in outer earth territories.

An international architectural design competition platform UNI.xyz is seeking inspiring concepts that will reimagine the relevance of the Mars architecture movement in 21st century while serving as a blueprint for future architectural endeavors beyond earth.

UNI is hosting a competition based on a Martian Hub – a challenge inviting architects, designers and space enthusiasts. The idea is to think how our first step as a civilization will look like against all the odds and challenges in outer space. The vision will go ahead as long as colonizing entire mars; hence the first step is very crucial in this competition.

Mars is a planet that contains traces of liquid water, wind and is thought to have supported life forms billions of years ago. It is a dynamic landscape that may be able to harbor life growth potential even today.

For any reason that the Earth is rendered inhabitable, Mars could become a site for colonization. This notion has particularly gained traction in the present scenario of climate change which could potentially end all life on earth. With advanced technology at our disposal, we need to gain knowledge and learn from the missions over centuries, to explore possibilities of construction, under these new constraints. 

Ever since the 20th century, many human missions have been proposed to Mars. But aside from exploratory missions, the potential for colonization of Mars as a permanent base is being investigated. The challenge of the competition is to conceptualize a design for a modular housing colony to be built on the planet Mars. 

“While we look at Mars as a plan B, the challenge propels its participants to think in the line of how we can make mars as a parallel ecosystem next to planet earth and not repeat the fundamental mistakes that make us imagine it like a plan B,” says Curatorial Committee of UNI.

Organizers are asking the participants to explore how can we create sustainable habitats that can scale to colonies in the future? What materials and technologies be used in the martian landscape to support life on the planet? How will the construction processes be selected and executed to withstand the harsh conditions of mars? What essential functions will you select in the tight constraints to support this small human colony? How will you design this habitat in such a way that it is self-sufficient in the larger scheme of things?

Entries will be reviewed by professionals from the space and architecture field including Anne Marlene Rüede from EPFL Space Center (eSpace), Switzerland, and many more.

The top three designs will be awarded cash prizes of $6000 (First prize); $1400 (Second prize); and $600 (Third prize) and special mentions will be awarded $600. For accurate prizes and winnings, refer to the grants page of the competition. Submissions for Martian hub design competition close on 11th January 2022, 8:30 PM GMT+05:30

More information at: https://uni.xyz/competitions/martian-hub/info/about

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