Author Patricia Offerman’s “Christian Poems, Prayer and Inspirations” aims to inspire, comfort, and bring readers closer to God

December 13 08:09 2021
Patricia Offerman’s book, “Christian Poems, Prayer and Inspirations,” features a collection of simple, easy-to-read poems written in a forty-year span of daily journaling experience. It aims to guide individuals to come closer to God as they journey through life.

Author Patricia Offerman’s sought-after book, “Christian Poems, Prayer and Inspirations,” which seeks to bring a sense of peace and comfort to readers about God’s unconditional love, is now available in leading digital stores globally.

“The book contains Christian poems, prayers, and inspirations written in a forty-year span of daily journaling experience, now in print to inspire and uplift body, mind, and spirit in simple easy-to-read poems that woo and inspire one to a holy desire to have a closer and more intimate walk with the Lord Jesus Christ as one journey through life,” Patricia writes.

Each poem is carefully developed and considered. Each of them is kept short but sweet to make it easy for readers to find the best one to suit their mood. The collection of poems serves as a friendly reminder that everyone is indeed God’s child. 

“The book knocks on the hearts of everyone to inspire and remind them that God’s love for us is eternal, His grace extends to everyone who hears Him, and His voice is sweet to those who listen,” adds Patricia. 

In the poem “My Spiritual Bread,” Patricia talks about the burdens people must carry. The courage that people must have to get through everything comes from the Lord.  

Patricia writes, “He is ever faithful, He is ever so true,” which serves as a great reminder for readers to trust the Lord, who shall provide the path for every person to make it through.

“The book contains poems for all ages, so there is pretty much something for each reader in this comprehensive piece. The collection of inspiring poems aims to comfort, cheer, and bring each reader closer to God,” explains Patricia.

Patricia is a “Born again Christian” who has journaled forty years ministering to all walks of life; written volumes of poems, prayers, hand-made cards, and personal booklets to families, friends, and strangers along the path of her journey with the Lord.

Those who want to get a copy of “Christian Poems, Prayer and Inspirations” can purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository. The book is an excellent choice for those who need a bit of spiritual lift and for people who want to find some inspiration for their busy week. It’s an encouraging book individuals should keep in their book collection at home.

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