Imminent Launch of “A List Apes” NFT Pre-Sale

December 10 19:57 2021
Whitelist sign ups available.

We are currently seeing a second wave of projects flood the NFT space; making NFTs a high-trending buzzword now. There is one specific project, largely under the radar, that well reflects the sentiment of the cryptocurrency community that missed out on the big projects which are now unaffordable for common people: A List Apes. This new project is focused on community, utility, and creating a long-term viable brand that will provide the NFT beginner a second chance at getting into the life changing NFT space!

Imagine, decades from now, having an NFT that reflects the early crypto-adopters’ view of A List players in the world. The A List Apes NFTs do just that, hailing the people’s pushback against the outdated models, plus ‘exuding’ the culture of prestige.

The A List team has been working quietly and tirelessly to launch their highly anticipated pre-sale sometime mid to late December 2021.

The team’s NFTs make each Ape unique, capturing the essence of A List characters. Each Ape has its own outfit and personality. These Apes succinctly capture the A List Ape team’s view of A List titans, as well as the essence of society’s financial oligarchs. This view was also allegedly adopted by Satoshi Nakomoto; creating the idea of Bitcoin, the world’s first decentralized currency.

The Apes collection caps at 10,000 NFT’s on the Ethereum Blockchain.

In addition, The A List Apes program, besides its effort to strike back at moguls, has much financial promise. There is a detailed, ambitious financial roadmap; aiming to provide its holders with top-quality value.

Unlike their stingy counterparts, The A List Apes has a platform that will be generous to NFT holders. For .08 ETH purchase price, new NFT minters will receive access to airdrops with many lavish cool prizes. They’ll have access to a staking NFT platform, NFT Launchpad, A List Dao, digital real estate usability, and 5% of merchandise store sales revenues.

The plan’s highlights include annual cartoon movie productions that are exclusive to NFT holders. They’ll have access to comic book storylines within the metaverse, pre-sale access to ‘mutations’ and future projects for ape holders where morphed apes unlock trust fund babies!

There will also be celebrity reincarnations through the apes, plus avatar creation of apes’ spouses.

A notable, impressive feature of the A List Apes club is connecting NFT Apes holders directly with entertainers (artists, musicians, business moguls, and a list of sports players). The holders can then buy personalized sketches, music, and skits of their A List Apes. That adds much promise to the premise of the A List Apes project.

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