One for the Books: Lionel Messi Surpasses Pele Scoring Two Strikes Against Club Brugge

December 10 03:08 2021

Another history was made by the future hall of famer, Lionel Messi, as he outstripped Pele’s all-time career goal record (757) in a landslide victory of PSG vs Club Brugge on Tuesday evening.

The recent Ballon d’Or awardee secured PSG’s victory after scoring the club’s third and fourth goal. By Messi’s third strike, he tied the elusive career record of Pele who is considered as one of the greats. And when the match clock hit 76 minutes, Messi then scored again, outdoing the impossible which led him to his 758th career goal.

Football enthusiasts are known to make a huge deal out of athletes breaking history. Online users considered the match’s finish so poetic that the fans quickly went through social media to post about it, an hour before the sports media reported the headline. 

Overview of Messi’s football career record

Messi now holds the record for the highest scoring South American footballer. As for the football’s general record, he’s the second highest scorer of all time, just behind Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo who currently has 801 career goals. 

When Messi was still playing for Barcelona, he tallied a ground-breaking goal record of 672. His record opened the discussions about him being the best footballer as it was higher, even when combined with the second, third, and fourth highest goal scorers.

As for Messi’s international numbers, he struck 80 times for his beloved Argentina. Plus, he now has 6 goals out of his 11 PSG appearances, adding to his current 758 career goals.

Experts and fans also do have to take note that the PSG vs Club Brugge match is pivotal not just for the club, but also for the never-ending debate on who really is the greatest footballer of all time.

Now that UEFA’s Round of 16 draw is getting nearer, Messi’s quest to break another career record is in-play. With patrons not seeing any signs of him slowing down, it’s possible that this Argentine will be massive and dominating in clubs and international matches.

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