The Freedom Unit is Building the Next Generation With Cyber Security Career Exploration

December 09 17:51 2021
The Freedom Unit bridges the gap between underrepresented youths and the professional world with tech-enabled career advancement programs.

The Freedom Unit is shifting the dynamic for underrepresented youths and communities with its hands-on flagship program, TFU Academy. The program aims to equip these communities with the tools, structure, and resources needed to develop top IT and Cyber Security skills vital in building a next-generation of professionals with stable careers and secure financial lives.

“We need to focus on developing skills that aren’t disposable. Cyber Security is the answer to solving the economic wealth gap in our communities,” says William T.J. Sims IV, a cyber security expert and the Founder and CEO of The Freedom Unit.

As someone raised by a single mother under impoverished conditions, William knows the large divide between the marginalized and the professional world. He started The Freedom Unit as an initiative to bridge this gap with his Co-Founder, Brandon Mitchell. According to William, achieving freedom and financial stability is possible with Cyber Security, and now’s the best time to build on these skills.

“Cyber security can be thought of like any other trade similar to a plumber or electrician; you don’t need a degree to break into this field!”

Cyber Security is a lucrative industry. The average starting salary for an entry-level job is $86,849 to $107,942. Moreover, there is currently a 0% unemployment rate, with an estimated 4 million jobs unfulfilled in 2021 alone. As the landscape continues to transform into a more digital one, these numbers will continue to rise. Cyber Security is and will remain indispensable across several industries.

“You can’t mention the Metaverse, Web 3.0, A.I, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Virtual Reality or Autonomy without mentioning Cyber Security because it is the front line of defense and backbone to every industry,” added William.

The entire market cap of the Cyber Security industry is 200 Billion, however, Cyber Crime damages have exceeded 6 trillion worldwide annually in 2021 – that is 500 billion per month.

The reason for the skills shortage in the industry lies in the failure of successfully developing Cyber Security awareness and education. While most universities rely on teaching theories without practical application, The Freedom Unit sets itself apart with its hands-on approach and unique learning process.

They leverage industry-standard toolsets and best practices to train students to perform in real-life corporate settings, helping them identify with the roles they’re applying for. TFU Academy’s four-week intensive Cyber Security Career Exploration program discusses everything from getting an internship to establishing oneself as an elite leader in Cyberspace. Students have also received full-time remote job offers after completing the program.

The Freedom Unit’s graduates work in some of the top global companies, including Comcast, Michelin, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, and more. The Freedom Unit seeks to partner with school districts, online bootcamps and alternative education institutions to provide a diverse talent pipeline to help close the burgeoning diversity gap.

Those who’d like to partner with The Freedom Unit, can contact [email protected]. To learn more about The Freedom Unit and its Cyber Security programs, visit their website:

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