The Iconic New York Eatery Mangia is Helping People Feel and Look Their Best with the Introduction of Its Mangia Life Dietary Supplements

December 09 15:42 2021

New York, NY, USA – December 9, 2021 – Mangia, the storied New York restaurant specializing in artisan Italian cuisine, is pleased to announce the launch of its Mangia Life Dietary Supplements. The dietary supplements are part of the product line offered by the recently introduced Mangia Life Online Shop – The website includes items and products that Mangia has used daily in the bakery and kitchen, as well as favorites that embody Mangia’s philosophy and culinary journey over the last 40 years. Mangia Life Wellness products are consistent with the Mangia concept of supporting healthy eating and a wellbeing lifestyle by nourishing our bodies with fresh food and natural ingredients. Mangia Life Wellness Supplements can be purchased directly from the website for $45 and free shipping in NY.

Mangia recognizes that immune system support is more vital than ever, so they collaborated with a team of experts at D/E Laboratories in Georgia to create three wellness dietary supplements to help people feel and look their best. First, is Sleep well Magnesium which promotes muscle and nerve metabolism while also balancing electrolytes due to the high bioavailability of the supplements. Magnesium contributes to the reduction of fatigue and promotes better sleep. Next, is Detox Probiotic. Everything starts with a healthy gut when it comes to wellness. Mangia Life’s detox probiotic supplements were created specifically to help improve IBS symptoms, long-term digestive difficulties, and to promote overall gut health. Finally, Skin Glow Collagen is a skincare supplement that is designed to improve skin luminosity, pigmentation, blemishes, and elasticity. The Mangia Lifestyle collagen formula also promotes nail health, including faster growth, less breakage, and a more attractive appearance. All the Mangia Life Dietary Supplements are made of the finest natural ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle and boost the body’s natural immune system. Moreover, these supplements are in keeping with Mangia’s notorious philosophy of encouraging individuals to “Live the Life You Love.”

About Mangia Life Dietary Supplements

Mangia Life Dietary Supplements are innovative nutritional supplements that may be purchased at, the online store of Mangia, the outstanding gourmet Italian restaurant chain whose motto is “Live the Life You Love.” Mangia, renowned in New York for over four decades as the premier artisan Italian restaurant known for being at the forefront of the farm-to-table fresh ingredients movement, is expanding its offerings online to provide customers with an online shopping experience, allowing customers to purchase Mangia favorites from the comfort of their computer while experiencing the best that the restaurant has to offer. Mangia Life Dietary Supplements and Mangia Life Wellness products complement the entire Mangia philosophy of supporting a healthy eating and wellbeing lifestyle.

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