NoireTV: Now Delivering the Best of Black Television Content throughout the Caribbean

December 08 20:15 2021
NoireTV: Now Delivering the Best of Black Television Content throughout the Caribbean

For years now, the entertainment industry has evolved in numerous ways that have strengthened various groups and entities, especially minorities. Despite ongoing challenges, black people have always found ways to shine through and put their cultures and talents on display, and it’s the complex beauty of this evolution that NoireTV embodies. 

NoireTV was established in 2009 as an American multinational premium cable channel under the umbrella of Caspen Media LLC. Over the last decade, the television channel has grown exponentially and now delivers content to 21+ million television households in the United States and around the world. The cable channel operates as a global network with a specific focus on black news, entertainment, content, and general interest topics from all over the world. More precisely, NoireTV’s content spans music video programming that covers diverse genres like afrobeat, dancehall, and hip-hop music; syndicated movies; reality TV shows; and original content developed in-house by the parent company, Caspen Media.

The channel was established to address the underreporting and low coverage of topics that concern black people globally. In the words of NoireTV founder, Emeka Iwukemjika, “It was either those content and topics were being ignored or deliberately suppressed. We knew something had to be done, and we rose to the challenge to be the voice to aggregate and highlight the topics that interest black people globally.”

So far, the dream seems to be coming together, and now the channel in its entirety has loftier goals and ambitions. The goal is to achieve a takeover of the major television networks globally and broadcast content to all geographic regions with a significant black population. 

As part of its global takeover, NoireTV has just launched in Jamaica, broadcasting on Digicel/Digiplay Channel 714 and on Channel 546 throughout the rest of the Caribbean. NoireTV will now deliver its specially curated content to the Caribbean with plans to expand its services to other parts of the world. USA subscribers can watch NoireTV on Verizon Fios Channel 269 or Optimum Cable Channel 1100.

In a world that is becoming more inclusive by the day, it is pertinent for black content to be sufficiently represented on the airwaves. NoireTV’s effective distribution of black content has earned it the nickname Global Black TV and the latest Caribbean launch brings the network one step closer in its quest to permeate hundreds of millions of homes worldwide. NoireTV is open to partnership, content distribution, and content creation opportunities with black creators. The company believes strongly in encouraging black content and supporting black creatives from the creation to distribution stages.

Learn more about NoireTV on its official website or follow the TV channel’s YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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