Dike Ajiri Awarded a Certificate of Recognition from Miami University in Ohio

December 08 13:09 2021
Dike Ajiri Awarded a Certificate of Recognition from Miami University in Ohio

Dike Ajiri
Miami Alumni Dike Ajiri Looks Back on 10 Year Anniversary For Generous Donation

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Life works by the universal law of nature; what we give determines what we get. Dike Ajiri is determined to make a life by always giving back to the community that deserves his assistance. Survival in the entrepreneurial world requires a form of paranoid attitude, according to experts. However, Dike does things differently, as he always shows a confident and fearless lifestyle in what he does. He has shown this by donating to schools and supporting the less privileged. He also has some pieces of advice to give to other entrepreneurs that have a different view of life than giving.

“Those interested in growing their business should learn how to focus on existing ideas and fine-tune them based on the problem on the ground. That is what I do, which is the reason for my success in the business world. Some ideas can turn an average business and make it successful over time. Being able to pinpoint such ideas is one of the things that can enhance profitability and success in business. Above all, being able to give and support humankind is another sure way to success, which most entrepreneurs do not know. My decision to denote $25k is another move to ensure students enjoy more opportunities,” said Dike Ajiri.

The 10th anniversary event was attended by people from all walks of life, including sports lovers, entrepreneurs,  employers, philanthropists, and men of goodwill who decided to participate with Dike Ajiri for his Award and certificate of recognition.  David C. Hodge, said “We at Miami University are saying, “Thank you so much for your continued support of Miami University. We are grateful for your recent contribution to fulfilling your previous commitment to the Lionel Young/ Doug Edwards Miami Rugby Endowment. Most people are enjoying the enhanced Miami Experience due to the support people like you are giving to the school. Some of our students here at Miami University have joined several athletic event competitions more than the varsity levels. All these were possible due to the support you provided to us. We are grateful for your continuing efforts in enhancing the lives of our unique student-athletes.”

About Dike Ajiri

Dike Ajiri is a flourishing entrepreneur with the tendency to grow average businesses from the lowest stage to the highest level. He has experience in business management, handling different positions in different organizations. His experience as the director and manager in different companies has made him an icon everyone wants to listen to for business advice. More so, Ajiri believes in giving back to the community that made him. Hence, the reason for the award certificate of recognition confided in him by the Miami University during the 10th anniversary celebration.

Ajiri is not only a great competitor in the business world but also a passionate sportsperson. He is presently the number 10 in the Men’s Seniors Pickleball ranking, as he does spend his leisure training with other players in the country. He also joins other athletes in touring America for the tournaments. 

Those interested in learning more about Dike Ajiri’s philanthropy can check out the official website for the Dike Ajiri Scholarship.

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