Hank Bike’s Founder, Mr. Hank, Reveals Reason Behind Their e-Bikes’ Astronomical Growth

December 07 16:06 2021
E-bikes have become a significant disruption to the world of bicycles, and with the issues surrounding getting a reliable supplier, Hank Bike boasts of worldwide delivery of its quality and exceptional e-bikes

Professional E-bikes manufacturer Hank Bike is currently taking the market by storm with its stylish and technologically-advanced e-bikes. The company has been introducing itself among the E-bike sellers, building, customizing, and adapting designs to the needs of the e-bike market. 

Founder Mr. Hank attributed the creation of Hank Bike to a market need he identified after years of working and studying the bike industry. Mr. Hank noted that companies and e-bikes manufacturers put meager efforts into ensuring customer satisfaction. He believes that a company should be concerned about its customer’s success and take holistic steps to achieve it.

Hank bike specializes in creating unique models for startups to scale up as they’ve helped an eBike brand break the European crowding funding record. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for e-bikes enjoyed an upward surge, and Hank Bike took advantage of the market. It invested in a frame factory and a paint factory to give its bikes an uplift as it invaded the global bike market. 

The China-based company is not the type for random sales. Hank Bike is dedicated to looking out for brands with a requirement and taste for bikes. They are willing to invest time and tooling to grow with any brand, turning it into something big. According to Mr. Hank, the search is for strategy and cooperation and not the buying and selling of bikes alone. 

Quality check control is a priority for Hank Bike. The company performs a 100 percent check on its products, not cutting corners on parts used for production. “Anywhere we ought to use stainless steel, we would not get by using steel as they can rust. We are bent on producing stunning E-bikes with head-turning designs, the latest technology, and a solid build that’s unmatched. Our philosophy at Hank Bike is caring for the customer needs first and therefore, we deliver a product that surpasses the rest in the market,” Mr. Hank concluded. Hank bike is also in search of strong nationwide partnerships across countries globally.

For more information, please visit www.hanktech.bike.

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