Platinum Pet Treats – A Pet Treat Company Where All-Natural and Luxury Collide

November 23 18:15 2021
Platinum Pet Treats - A Pet Treat Company Where All-Natural and Luxury Collide
New Chicago-Based Company Provides Lowest Prices, Highest Quality for Your Dog’s Chews.

Chicago, IL – November 23, 2021 – Platinum Pet Treats (PPT) is a new company that is committed to providing all-natural, luxury chews for any dog that’s looking for a drool-worthy treat.

PPT is a family-owned business birthed from a young, vibrant, entrepreneurial couple living in Chicago, Cristian and Adela.

Cristian, having lived in Spain and throughout Europe, knew the high quality of Spanish and European products and Adela, fond of all-natural living, knew the importance of removing harsh chemicals from daily living.

Together, they created Platinum Pet Treats, a company with a passion and drive to see dogs thrive in every home.

All of Platinum Pet Treats products are responsibly sourced in Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Romania and being manufactured in the factories located in Spain (Madrid) and Romania (Baia Mare). Each PPT product is 100% Natural and single ingredient.

One of their many products is the Serrano Bone with Jamon for dogs. This Ham Bone is curated for up to two years with traditional Spanish techniques and then wrapped in Spanish Prosciutto.

In addition to providing all-natural and luxury treats, PPT innovates by providing new and unique chews like their Super Pig Ear that takes the classic Pig Ear and amplifies it by coating it in Bully Stick powder.

Owners Cristian and Adela, have a rescue dog that inspired them to find creative ways to support animal shelters and non-profit organizations. They feel the great responsibility to give back what they’ve been given to those in need. That’s why they give 10% of their profit to charities and non-profit organizations.

From their suppliers in Europe, to team members in Chicago packing your box of treats, they work hard to ensure their customers have an outstanding experience and most importantly, that dogs everywhere get treats that keep them happy and healthy.

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