Squirrel Chaser, A New Mobile App, Makes Tracking Cognitive Performance Easy and Cost-Effective

November 19 03:12 2021

Rockledge, FL – WeVibin, Inc., a leader in cognitive performance, has announced the release of Squirrel Chaser, a new mobile cognitive performance test, on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Developed using the science of decision-making under pressure, Squirrel Chaser effectively tests and improves a user’s current state of awareness, attention, and focus and can track progress over time.

Squirrel Chaser measures ten traditional metrics of cognitive performance by using squirrels and other animals as visual and auditory cues. Users must click the appropriate target, and the app measures visual inattention, auditory inattention, visual impulsivity, auditory impulsivity, visual focus, auditory focus, sustained visual attention, sustained auditory attention, and reaction time to visual and auditory cues. Regular users can see the effects of medication, exercise programs, nutritional programs, and technology dependence on their cognitive performance, making Squirrel Chaser a powerful new tool for tracking what we are doing in daily life that might positively or negatively affect our brainpower.

“We are excited to announce the release of Squirrel Chaser to iOS and Android devices,” remarked Stefanie Lattner, Founder of WeVibin, Inc. “Squirrel Chaser helps consumers test what actually helps or hurts their cognitive performance at a very low price. We offer a free two-minute ‘rookie’ test so users can get acquainted with the test and a more sophisticated subscription with tons of functionality. It’s not possible for any individual to objectively assess their own cognitive performance, attention, or inattention, by simply answering questionnaires. Similar to an athlete watching their own game video, Squirrel Chaser gives users a unique understanding of what they are doing well, where they need practice, and what, specifically, is influencing their brain performance,” she added.

A free version of the app is available, as well as a paid version with unlimited tests, graphs, and trend charts for just $2.99/month. Squirrel Chaser has been designed to work with a wide spectrum of users from noticeably impaired, up to high-performing individuals that are optimizing their performance to the highest level.

To learn more, please visit WeVibin.co. Download Squirrel Chaser from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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