Top Questions Answered For Herniated Disc In Neck Conditions

November 18 17:15 2021
Dr. Sielatycki has worked for many years at helping patients overcome back and neck pain due to a herniated disc in the neck. On the website, he has answered some of the most commonly asked questions from his patients.

Herniated Disc In Neck and Dr. Sielatycki are pleased to announce that their updated website contains information about a herniated disc in the neck area and how it can be addressed successfully. The doctor has been working with patients for many years and knows how to provide answers to the most frequent questions asked by patients in his practice. The comprehensive website is published to be easy to read and contains accurate and current information about the condition. 

When patients are experiencing pain and other herniated disc symptoms, they often want to determine whether or not the pain is related to the herniated disc or perhaps might be due to other causes. A common symptom of a cervical herniated disc is pain that radiates from the neck into the arms or down the spinal column. Another symptom is difficulty moving the shoulders or neck. When there is a fluid leak inside the spinal discs, it can press against surrounding nerves, causing intense pain in the neck, arms, or spinal column. 

Diagnosis of the condition might involve Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging, computerized tomography (CT) scan, myelography, and electromyography (EMG). These imaging techniques show the positioning of the spine, nerve roots, ligaments, and more. Managing pain is high on the list of priorities for the patient. It might be a matter of removing fluid pressure and irritation on the nerves, easing muscle spasms, and reducing pressure on the discs themselves. 

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The website describes the common symptoms of a herniated disc and identifies the tests and diagnostic processes used to address the problem. Surgery is not a recommendation as to the first course of treatment for a herniated disc. The patient may receive injections, exercises, massage, and posture correction to alleviate the pain and allow the disc to repair itself. 

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Herniated Disc In Neck has the training and experience to address pain due to herniated discs in the neck. The clinic’s emphasis is on non-invasive measures to manage pain and provide a return to normal life activities. The website identifies common symptoms, diagnoses, and therapeutic measures.

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