Discover the Forgotten Secret to Wellness & Beauty Used by Royalty

November 18 03:24 2021

For centuries, a certain material was used by aristocrats and royal families that let them go into a deep sleep, rejuvenate their minds and turn time backward while they sleep. 

This material was found back in 3630 BCE in China.  And once it was discovered, Chinese emperors kept this secret hidden from the public so they could soak up all the added health benefits associated with it. Eventually, it was sold to Roman Empire’s emperors to Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs who treasured this material and immediately noticed the near-miraculous health benefits whenever they would sleep in it. 

So what is this secret material? Silk.  But not just any silk you can quickly buy from the store or online. Unfortunately, the truth is the silk sold today that you can easily buy has been commercialized as “100% silk”.  But since it doesn’t come from the original Chinese source, it will not provide you with all the natural wellness and beauty benefits. 

Let me explain.  Even though there are many companies online selling “Blissful sleep” when you use their silk pillowcases, only a few use the original Chinese source that almost guarantees to give you these health benefits. 

For Example, Solsilk is a technologically advanced company that has tapped into the traditional silk weaving custom after they establish a unique relationship with the peasants of a small Chinese city called Hwang Ho. These peasants have mastered the art of sericulture, a lost ancient silk-weaving skill that preserves the unique health benefits of real natural silk.  Now, these peasants happily use their almost-lost ancient skill to create real natural hand-woven 100% silk pillowcases by Solsilk.

What are the benefits of these sericulture silk pillowcases?  Well, here are a few. It helps prevent allergies.  Yes, believe it or not, sericulture silk is hypoallergenic.  It prevents the aging process.  One Scandinavian study found that the smooth surface of silk actually reduces the friction between the skin and pillowcase. It works near-miraculous wonders for hair health. You see the soft texture of silk allows the hair to slide smoothly rather than tangle and knot together.  Which gives the expression ‘silky smooth hair’. 

Another benefit that you get from these sericulture silk pillowcases is they can improve sleep.  Evidence shows that sleeping in silk bedding or with a silk pillowcase can improve your sleep which is all you really need to get your ‘beauty sleep’.

No wonder, Marilyn Monroe admitted she regularly draped herself at night with the highest quality of silk because of all the health benefits associated with it.

If you want to restore your health, reboot your mind, and have that deep sleep you’ve been longing for, then I recommend Solsilk. It now carries a variety of sericulture pillowcases but due to the high demand, these items are very limited.  

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