The Hours NFT In Collaboration with BitColor Launch Unique NFT Collection On The OpenSea Platform

November 17 16:34 2021

The unique NFT collection is a set of 1440 items, each representing a minute of the day, and also accompanied by a vibrant color scheme

The Hours NFT, in collaboration with BitColor are delighted to announce the launch of their unique NFT collection on the OpenSea platform. The NFT collection named “The Hours” is a set of 1440 items, each representing a minute of the day. 

The company insists that the most interesting features of the collection are that every item contains a brief description of its numerological meaning, and also a vibrant color scheme provided by 

In recent times, many NFT projects have been launched to take advantage of the increasing adoption of blockchain technology. And the most identifiable marker that distinguishes the most successful NFT projects from the rest of the bunch is the ability to offer a unique feature or identity. NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks have witnessed a tremendous rise in value from debuting at just under $50 to a current value of tens of millions of dollars in just 5 years.

According to the company, The Hours NFT was created to help people understand the unique messages being passed by the universe through time. The company insists that people usually view time through digital clocks and that often enough, the same person tends to see the same time many times over. The Hours NFT believes that when such repetition occurs, the universe is simply trying to send a message to the particular individual.

As such, the company took its time to study and carefully analyze every hour and minute from the plane of numerology to define and help people comprehend their meaning.

This new concept within the NFT collection adds a somewhat horological essence to the digital non-fungible tokens, letting holders own and trade time. The colors of each hour have been selected in collaboration with BitColor using the BitColor color palette.

Interested investors can simply visit the OpenSea platform to purchase any time in the collection.

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