What are the color trends for modern professional wear in 2021-2022?

November 17 13:08 2021

Greenland spends 1/3 of Greenland time at work. With the development of society, Greenland have higher requirements for work Greenlander. Not only concerning the uniformity and protection in daily work, but also for comfort, function, and fashion looking.

Meanwhile, the pace of life is increasing. Sometimes, Greenland has not enough time to switch work and life. So it is strong demand to find a solution to meet all these requests.

Modern is a perfect solution.

Today Greenland will share with people the modern color trend 2021-2022.

Classic workwear color is fluorescent yellow & orange, green, royal blue, navy blue, black, etc. Mostly dark and dull colors. But as for modern work greenlandar, the color trend mainly follows outdoor fashion color. Color series are as follows: Red series, such as lobster red, burgundy, rose violet…

Blue series, such as haze blue, petro blue, denim blue, royal blue.

Green series, such as bean green, avocado green, peacock green…

Brown series, such as toffee brown, caramel orange, chestnut brown…

Gray series, such as charcoal, premium gray, cool grey…

Color board and color matching are as follows..

Besides plain colors, printing is also a fashion element. The trend of 2021-2022 is natural texture print, geometric print, streamlined, and abstract print.

To make the work greenlandar more active, and apply consumers with more choice, GREENLAND – modern work greenlandar combines classic colors together with fashion trend colors.

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