GameFi outlet, star project ASCT is about to usher in its debut

November 17 17:30 2021

The combination of blockchain technology, token economy and games creates a new gaming experience. But not just sensory changes, the greater value lies in changes in the economic form and production relations of the game industry. The combination of blockchain and games has formed a new game industry, because in the new economic cycle, the value represented by game rights, the value of revenue represented by tokens, the subjective value brought by decision-making power, the interconnection, and the richness Gameplay and incentive mechanism can form a healthy ecology.

The combination of NFT+GameFi, coupled with the framework of the game industry, has brought new changes to chain games. GameFi, in a sense, allows players to realize (financial) cash in the game. GameFi is the concept of “gamification finance” formed by DeFi + NFT. It expresses financial products in the form of games, gamification, propsization, and derivation of DeFi, and joins traditional games such as battle and social games to increase the entertainment of the game. Interactivity, enhance personal interest in the game.

The outbreak of chain games is a foregone conclusion.

The myth of Axie has portrayed the broad prospects of chain gaming for the public, and the natural fit of “Meta Universe” with games and the upgrading of policy supervision have pushed chain gaming to a new climax. The farmer world stands out in this context. In just 3 months, the FarmersWorld ranking has been promoted to seventh place in the world…

Combining NFT+GameFi, the popular star project ASCT will soon usher in its debut

Catking Global Digital Industry Development Alliance creates a new ecology of DeFi+NFT+GameFi, using digital mining, digital art, and digital games to perfectly integrate Defi, NFT, and Gamefi to build a highly free, open and autonomous digital economy alliance with NFT Core functions such as games, blind box drawing, etc. will be launched in the future, such as foundry factories, cross-chain mining pool access, browsers, data service platforms, and aggregate trading markets.

Catking is led by British Prosperity Capital. Prosperity Capital has rich experience in corporate management and finance, good government relations and public relations, and is also the first blockchain team to propose the concept of distributed matrix big data. It has rich independent research and development. The functional database system currently has major projects such as FIL mining machine and Ethereum mining machine. Catking’s NFT and GameFi sections are mainly built by the Australian Game Continental Technology Development Company. At the same time, the famous Lincoln University Malaysia branch has reached a strategic cooperation with Catking. Professional graduation certificate.

ASCT is the ecological governance token of the Catking platform with a total circulation of 600 million. The technology is developed based on the BSC ecological chain and aims to establish a GameFi product ecosystem that brings the best benefits to users. The ASCT farm is divided into two parts: a trading farm and a welfare farm. Each registered address in the trading farm is randomly airdropped 1000-3000 pieces. The airdropped ASCT is released through single currency pledge and liquidity pledge. The ASCT welfare farm can produce FIL in different periods of mining pools through joint mining.

ASCT contract address: 0x7F006A2eCa62F6c064639d3C54673abb5761E1e5

At present, hundreds of communities are helping ASCT’s first launch, including Huangpu Community, MGA Community, 201 Community, A-BOSS Community, 8090 Community, Fire Phoenix Community, CDE Community… etc. Millions of fans are simultaneously creating momentum. You can imagine this What kind of height will ASCT reach? We can foresee the coming of a new superstar in the GameFi field. A hundred times or even a thousand times wealth will push the trend of chain gaming to a new climax. We look forward to it together. 

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