CEO of clinical trials company releases a new book to share and discuss the truths and myths surrounding clinical trials

November 17 03:21 2021

To the outside world, the idea of clinical trials is the image of a mice being injected with different developed drug samples or human beings being used as guinea pigs. Calethia T. Hodges’ new book, aptly titled Informed Decision, looks to demystify clinical trials but is also respectful of the audience due to the delicate nature of its topic.

The corona virus pandemic hit the world quite quickly and it spread rapidly leaving little time for governments of the world to fully understand it and prepare for a worst case scenario. Suffice it to say that the global pandemic has left countries in dire economic meltdowns and has ended the lives of scores of human beings. Ultimately, the need for clinical trials in the world today cannot be overemphasized due to the nature of the virus and the need for effective drugs as quickly as possible and all these cannot be successful without the inclusion and success of the clinical trial stage in drug development.

The author, Calethia T. Hodges was inspired to write this book because of the growing concern created by the global pandemic that has altered the lifestyle and also halted the social and economic lives of the citizens of every country. It therefore became imperative for her to contribute to solving one major global challenge in a long list of challenges currently plaguing the world. The author’s inspiration for writing this book comes from being misunderstood, and she wanted to use a book to set the record straight by addressing the many misconceptions and myths about clinical trials.

With this book, readers are given the privilege to do away with the myths and fears behind clinical trials in today’s world while being engaged with quality and educative reasoning driven by factual content. It gives quality insights into the myths, facts and the importance of clinical trials in the world today while also citing historical references. It is definitely a worthy read as it bestows knowledge and gives value that is worthy of the reader’s time.

Interested readers can purchase the book on Amazon or from their website.

Calethia T. Hodges is the founder and CEO of Infinite Clinical Trials, LLC. She is internationally known for her passion for clinical research and expertise in clinical research site management and patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials industry. She has 15 years of management experience in the pharmaceutical industry working for Fortune 500 companies in biotech, pharma and CRO sectors of clinical research and development across multiple therapeutic areas and geographies. Calethia is passionate about giving back to her community and is involved in charities and social organisations.

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