Little Laureates Offers Top In-class Online Preschool Curriculum

November 16 11:30 2021
Little Laureates Offers Top In-class Online Preschool Curriculum

Little Laureates is an online preschool founded in 2012 with one of the most renowned preschool brands with India’s 1st virtual digital preschool. They offer a top-in-class, self-paced learning mechanism that synergizes the role of teachers and parents to enable children to discover their innate talents and abilities. The preschool has specifically designed and incorporated 1,000s of interactive learning aids in their curriculum as a time-tested blend of international pedagogy and contemporary insights into the Montessori and kindergarten space. Their curriculum is adaptive as it caters to the needs of each little learner. The preschool is committed to spearheading child development across India.

The company spokesperson said, “All parents want their children’s first structured learning experience to be a good one. So, selecting the best online preschool, especially while schooling from home, can certainly be a challenging task. With the broad range of options existing, it is important to ensure their choice is best for their child. To do so, it is important to opt for an online preschool that offers a program that is best suiting their children’s requisites and enhances their future development and learning. They should provide an environment that will enable their children to develop personalities to thrive and blossom.”

Looking for famous preschools in India? Little Laureates is an expert in online preschool education in India. They offer an integrated learning environment catering to the unique needs of every child with 500 plus games, 1,000 plus animated videos, 250 plus live videos, and a five-day live classroom session. The online programs they offer cater to three pre-primary classes, which are nursery, junior kindergarten, and senior kindergarten. The programs are excellent as they have been designed to give each child a holistic learning experience. Their curriculum has been specifically developed and designed to help children realize their exceptional capabilities in a methodical and self-paced way. The curriculum is open for children aged 3-6 years. Their pedagogy is ‘ENRICH’, which standards for Enlighten, Nurture, Reinforce, Involve, Counsel and Highlight.

The company spokesperson added, “At, Little Laureates, our learning platform has interactive applications and programs as well created entirely for preschoolers of ages 2-6 years. Crafted by experienced learning experts, engaging rhymes, interactive stories, and games possessing attractive illustrations and animations in our school allow for self-paced learning. Our programs provide little learners with a personalized, structured, and immersive preschool learning experience.”

For those in need of online preschool Montessori education, Little Laureates offers the best-in-class online preschool Montessori learning as they provide little learners with many exciting and engaging sessions. Their online classes provide an excellent way for little learners to connect with other kids, practice Montessori methods of learning in a fun environment. Their Montessori program engages little learners in five areas of learning, which are sensorial, practical life, math, and other core subjects. Moreover, the program is also designed to encourage little learners to think creatively while fostering curiosity. So, for online Montessori education, clients should consider contacting the preschool.

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Little Laureates offers holistic online preschooling. Their best-in-class online preschool curriculum provides an enriching and practical education experience. It provides exciting, age-appropriate education that is designed to ensure little learners have the best possible start in life.

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