YouTuber Omita soaks bank bills in water and finds out if they would shrink or be recognized as counterfeit

November 16 06:32 2021
In another entertaining video, Japanese YouTuber Omita conducts surveys by preparing six famous major bank bills in the world.

Top Japanese YouTuber Omita has unveiled another top-rated content on the platform, this time by conducting surveys through preparing six famous major bank bills in the world. 

The video, which was released on November 6th and so far had a whopping 130,000 views on the online video-sharing and social media platform, is entitled “If a bank bill is wetted in water, will it shrink and be recognized as counterfeit by machines?” 

In yet another exciting content from the YouTuber, Omita soaked bank bills in water and checked if they would shrink and be recognized as counterfeit by machines.

YouTuber Omita once received a 1,000-yen bill as change at a store somewhere in Japan. Later, he tried to use it at a beverage vending machine, train station ticket office, supermarket, and other establishments. However, all of these machines rejected it at the bill slot, making it completely useless.

Taking a closer look at this bill, viewers can find crumples that have seemingly been caused when it is soaked in water. It can be guessed that the bill shrank as someone soaked it in water.

Then, Omita wondered if major bank bills in the world would shrink in water and be recognized as counterfeit by machines and thought he needed to conduct a large global survey to find the answer. 

“We live in a world where even the discovery of a counterfeit bill makes TV news,” shares Omita. People worldwide need to know whether or not their soaked bank bill would shrink and be considered counterfeit, becoming useless at vending machines. In the worst scenario, they could be mistakenly arrested by the police.

The video features bills from the United States (Dollar), China (Chinese Yuan), the European Union (Euro), India (Indian Rupee), Japan (Japanese Yen), and Russia (Ruble). 

Those who want to learn more about Omita and his fantastic content may visit his YouTube channel for more information.

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