West Chester Township Physical Therapy at More Than PT Allows Sportspersons to Recover from Injuries Fast Without Painkillers

November 16 00:33 2021
More Than PT is a physical therapy center that specializes in helping athletes regain physical fitness and perform in a pain-free manner. It enables quick recovery and rehab from painful muscle and joint injuries through exercise, stretching, heat treatment, and massage.

According to announcements released by More Than PT and Stacey Harris, West Chester Township physical therapy services provided at this clinic are geared toward helping athletes and sportspersons recover faster from injuries and return to the activities they love.

More Than PT has helped runners, cross-fit athletes, weightlifters, and other sportspersons return to peak performance. Be it back pain that limits squats or shoulder pain that prevents baseball players from throwing the ball, the therapist at this clinic has the experience and empathy to relieve pain through a custom plan that delivers optimal results.

Scraping therapy at More Than PT is delivered using comfortable massage tools to mobilize soft tissue. The pressure can be varied as required to loosen muscles, ease stress, mitigate pain, and stimulate the nervous system. The committed staff at this clinic does its best to accelerate the process of recovery with minimal use of painkillers and visits to doctors. The therapy center is equipped with the tools, and the team practices the most effective techniques.

The staff is experienced, certified, and works on updating its skills so that individuals in pain can be treated using a blend of tested techniques and the latest breakthroughs in physical therapy.

Recovery and rehab are essential services provided at this therapy center. It aims to help athletes regain strength, mobility, balance, coordination, and function. Apart from massage, the therapists use heat treatment and strengthening exercises during the rehabilitation process. The treatment addresses joint pain and soft tissue injuries to boost mobility.

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Stacey Harris of More Than PT said, “With rehab, we address all of the pains in your joints and tissues to improve your mobility and improve your range of motion. Our physical therapists work with you one-on-one and ensure that you gain maximum relief from their massages and exercises to help you reach your goal. 

Dry needling is a simple yet supremely effective technique that diminishes pain, restores functional mobility, and prevents trigger points. It stimulates the body’s natural healing process to heal the injury or pain in the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. This service ensures that your treatment with us is as rewarding as possible in the minimum number of visits. 

Cupping is a highly effective traditional method of healing that helps tighten up the muscles, reducing pain, and soothing the nervous system. We use plastic or silicone cups to create suction on the body for effective treatment. While this may look painful or trigger discomfort, it elicits the opposite of what it seems. 

Running Video Analysis is specially designed for runners. In the first session of this analysis, we include a musculoskeletal exam where the individual runs on the treadmill. Our physical therapists record their progress and conduct a discussion about proper footwear. After the initial analysis, our therapists monitor your running form and construct a corrective plan. After this, appropriate exercises are advised to ensure the perfect form.”

About the Company:

More Than PT is a physical therapy center run by Stacey Harris, who has more than 15 years of experience treating sports-related injuries through massage, heat therapy, and exercise. This center creates treatment plans after considering the age, health, extent of injury, and other factors of the athlete.

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