Cloud Catcher Launches Drip Moments Coffee in the US

November 16 00:21 2021
This pocket-sized coffee pack lets anyone have a great-tasting single-serve cup of joe anytime, anywhere. It’s also the healthiest single-serve specialty-grade coffee around.

Brewed coffee is a joy to have every morning. However, with people’s busy lifestyles, brewing has become a time-consuming task. According to Cloud Catcher, Asia’s one-stop center for specialty coffee, a person brewing at home spends an average of 15-minutes – from filling the kettle to the last drop in the cup. To let people enjoy their morning cup of brewed coffee fast and easy, Cloud Catcher launches Drip Moments in the US. Drip Moments offers single-serve coffee drip bags that were previously available only in Malaysia. It’s also the healthiest single-serve specialty grade coffee around.

Cloud Catcher created Drip Moments after seeing the need for healthy single-serve coffee products in the market. According to the team at Cloud Catcher, specialty-grade coffee is graded like wine. Only 80% points coffee is considered specialty grade. All Drip Moments coffee products are 80% points above. The brand is also laboratory tested and free from toxins.

Each Drip Moments coffee is free from gluten, sugar, cholesterol, and preservatives. It also doesn’t contain heavy metals and mycotoxins unlike many commercial-grade coffee products out in the market. These days, commercial-grade coffee products are full of toxic ingredients and mycotoxins that can make people sick. Mycotoxins are harmful compounds produced by molds or fungi. These living organisms can grow on cereals, dried fruits, nuts, and spices. Drip Moments coffee is also nitro-flushed to keep its natural flavor and aroma once opened.

Drip Moments is made using 100% sustainably sourced specialty coffee. Once opened, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans wafts in the air, invigorating the senses and signals the start of a new day. That’s because each pack has fresh, premium crops ethically sourced via Project Origin. Project Origin is founded by Saša Šestić, the World Barista Champion in 2015 and owner of the ONA Coffee in Australia. ONA Coffee is one of Australia’s most highly regarded specialty roasters. Cloud Catcher ensures Drip Moments is 100% sustainably grown with love by farmers paid higher than the average rate. Every batch of this coffee is also carefully roasted to maximize taste.

Drip Moments is made with today’s professionals in mind. These are the people who enjoy working at home, at a hotel, at the beach or relaxing on top of a mountain. Drip Moments can be taken by any coffee lover who is on the go and leading a busy life. Now, premium brewed coffee is possible in no time, and there aren’t many tools required to make a good one. Just put the pack atop a cup, add hot water, and sit back to finally enjoy the goodness of this coffee. This product is a great coffee that anyone can make on the fly.

Each Drip Moments coffee is sold in a box of 8 packs. Each pack is 10 grams in weight. Currently, it offers two varieties, the Colombia La Fantasia, and the Seasonal Blend. To browse, shop, and know more info about the brand, visit

About Cloud Catcher Sdn Bhd

Cloud Catcher is Asia’s one-stop center for specialty coffee and certified Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Campus based in Malaysia. The company assists the region’s ever-expanding coffee industry and spreads coffee culture through education. On a mission to help people understand the art and science of coffee, Cloud Catcher also supports sustainability and gives back to the community with many industry partnerships aimed at promoting its advocacy.

About Drip Moments

Drip Moments offers single-serve specialty-grade Arabica coffee drip bags that are ethically sourced. It’s also free from gluten, sugar, cholesterol, preservatives, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. Currently, it has two variants, the Colombia La Fantasia and the Seasonal Blend, that come in a box of 8 packs.

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