SeaTable: Here’s a spreadsheet that enables teams to work flexibly

November 12 19:15 2021

Spreadsheet is one of the key tools in today’s workplace. No other tool is capable of organizing data as effectively as a spreadsheet. However, most spreadsheets available in the market come along with some limitations. There’s a dire need for a very powerful tool that is beyond just a spreadsheet. Fortunately, SeaTable emerges as software for collaborative information management.

SeaTable is a perfect solution for teams looking for new flexible ways to work on tasks, projects, and ideas. Remote teams can easily keep all their data in one system with the help of this robust cloud-based tool. Most importantly, SeaTable doesn’t limit its users to numbers and texts. It captures all the information and stores images, documents, checkboxes, drop-down lists, URLs, emails, and much more.


“SeaTable is software for collaborative information management. In SeaTable, data of all types can be captured, organized, and analyzed,” says Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger, Founder and CEO, SeaTable. There’s no better way to manage and organize data than a spreadsheet, and we have witnessed many improvements in terms of automation, collaboration, and visualization. But at the end of the day, spreadsheets are just grids, values, and calculations, and they need to evolve. 

“SeaTable offers more than 20 different column types, filtering, sorting, and grouping functions for organizing data. In addition to pivot tables and charts as classic evaluation tools, SeaTable offers application-oriented visualizations such as Gantt Charts, Kanban, gallery, and map views. As a collaborative tool, SeaTable also supports data exchange within a team and with third parties in various ways,” Christoph continues. 

A Kanban board gives you a complete picture of your workflow and stops you from using sticky notes. Most importantly, it helps in improving team productivity. But creating aKanban board in a spreadsheet is wearisome and time-consuming. However, SeaTable comes with readymade templates for Kanban Board, Gantt Charts, gallery, and map views. Moreover, it empowers users to create meaningful and professional graphics with just a few clicks. 

Today, some businesses regularly collect data from their employees, customers, or associates. Established businesses can afford to hire people to gather and enter the data, but startups and SMEs struggle to manage the data. SeaTable makes it possible for companies to save time and money by automating the process. With SeaTable, managers can create online forms in no time and share them with the respective recipients via link. The entered data will be sent directly to SeaTable. 

SeaTable offers all the freedom to its users. It is designed for success and can also be operated on-premises.

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