Viral Internet Time-Art Installation Challenges Advertising Status Quo

November 11 18:00 2021
Justin Higgins founded 24HourHomepage to revolutionize the way consumers interact with advertisements in this internet-based social experiment.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Nov 11, 2021 – Inverting current advertising strategies with a creative take on modern art installations, software engineer Justin Higgins created an engaging, public outlet for artists and businesses alike to partake in owning a second, or more, of time. With 86,400 seconds in a day, 24HourHomepage has revolutionized advertising by being the only viral website of its class highlighting a global social experiment while allowing you to purchase a piece of time, for as long as the internet exists. 

24HourHomepage, in essence, is a time-capsule of digital graphics in which consumers can view one family-friendly image-per-second, corresponding to the current universal time(UTC). Each second is rendered into a carousel of squares, and are linked to allow interaction with an artist or company’s website, product, article, music video, portfolio, and more. Once all the seconds in a day have a published image, the project is over and the site lives on forever as an internet artifact. 

“This is the first project where you can literally own time. You can express your love for someone, honor someone with an ‘in-remembrance,’ tell a joke or story, and promote a business. The only limit is your creativity,” states Higgins. “It reminds people of days when the internet wasn’t filled with subscription fees, pop-ups, and big business. Just people meeting other people and creating interesting works of art.”

As a self-described “internet introvert,” Higgins realized he wanted to be a part of something that lasted a lifetime. Using his background in software engineering to develop human interactions online and combining them with a marketing campaign for companies, he created a platform for loved ones, artists, and other consumers to be a part of history and get the chance to own a moment in time, forever. 

Well-versed in all things technology and longing to increase his marketing and advertising skills, Higgins combined those two worlds to build something new, innovative, and beautiful. Artistic companies– including Vinyl Moon, a subscription vinyl mixtape business– have already joined for two minutes with a creative nod to their service. 24HourHomepage allows anyone to become a permanent part of internet history and is giving the cost of time a new value.

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