After overturning the recent NCAA ruling, Rutgers basketball star Geo Baker has signed a deal with ALVA Fitness.

November 11 02:30 2021

Piscataway, NJ – November 10, 2021 – Fifth year basketball star, Geo Baker isn’t just the senior guard of the Scarlet Knights today. Rather, he is being coined as a Collegiate Culture Changer who played a key role in this year’s historic decision by the NCAA and NIL to reverse their rules, which prohibited collegiate athletes to earn income through sponsorships and endorsements. Much to the delight of his fans, Baker has returned to Rutgers to play for a 5th year and has recently partnered with New Jersey based apparel brand ALVA Fitness by cutting a first of its kind brand ambassador deal with Co-Founder Jason Saran. 

Up until March 2021, the NCAA ruled that student-athletes could not earn income since they are amateurs. More precisely, the ruling denied the student-athletes their right to earn based on their image, name, as well as likeness rights.  

Many student athletes protested against the long antiquated rule. Baker was one among the players in college (men’s) basketball to spearhead the famous “#NotNCAAProperty” campaign which eventually generated huge media  coverage, garnered massive public support and created tremendous pressure on the NCAA to change the rules.  

Baker took to Twitter to launch his protest against the NCAA ruling. In a Tweet dated March 17, 2021, @Geo_Baker_1 wrote “The NCAA OWNS my image and likeness. Someone on music scholarship can have a tutor service. For ppl who say “an athletic scholarship is enough.” Anything less than equal rights is never enough. I am #NotNCAA Property.” He was also seen sporting t-shirts with the infamous slogan “#notNCAAProperty”. 

Finally, the NCAA and NIL reversed the rules in July 2021, thereby allowing student athletes to earn income through sponsorships and endorsements. “I’m happy to see student athletes finally get the rights they deserve to earn money based off their name, image, and likeness. This is a big first step in fixing the issues within the NCAA.”, stated Baker in a video while sharing his opinion about the NCAA’s ruling. 

“It all started with Twitter and then replies and retweets started pouring in and it eventually became even bigger than basketball”, said Baker while talking about their protest against the NCAA.

Immediately after the NCAA rules were overturned, Baker signed a partnership deal with leading fitness apparel company ALVA Fitness. He has been signed on as the first collegiate brand ambassador for the Company and now has a separate section on the brand’s website dedicated to the “Geo Baker Collection.”

The Geo Baker collection houses a unique variety of sports and athleisure apparel, including basketball jerseys, hoodies, t-shirts, graphic tees, shorts, and so on. The section has a sub-menu called “Culture Changers” that stocks tee or hoodies inspired by the protest and slogans against recent NCAA rule in March.

The Rutgers basketball star has gone on record to say that between his sponsorships and deals he will make 5 figures this year. 

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