AMZTOTAL Inc. Transforms Full-Service Amazon FBA

November 10 14:45 2021
AMZTOTAL Inc. Transforms Full-Service Amazon FBA
AMZTOTAL Inc. helps entrepreneurs build a successful Amazon FBA business with ease.

AMZTOTAL Inc., the first full-service Amazon FBA agency, became the leading name in the industry just a few years after its founding. It frontlines the automation of Amazon businesses, helping everyday people gain success. Since 2018, AMZTOTAL Inc. has built more than 600 successful client businesses, launched over 1700 products, and earned $92+ million in sales for their clients. The company has also established offices in Miami, Florida and Dusseldorf, Germany, and has grown to have more than 75 employees across the globe.

AMZTOTAL Inc. was born from the passion for pioneering work and helping people secure financial independence, so they stop trading time for money.

“We knew there had to be more than the classic 9 to 5,” said Anthony Filipiak and Lorenzo Kotalla, managing directors and founders of AMZTOTAL Inc.

Driven by their fascination with entrepreneurship and desire to acquire expertise in e-commerce, the two begun building their own Amazon companies while still in the university. As they showed growing achievement in the field, many entrepreneurs took notice, seeking to know their strategies and the reason behind their success.

The number of individuals turning to them for help grew by the day. This encouraged Filipiak and Kotalla to start a company focused on sharing their expertise so even those with little knowledge can generate significant revenue in the Amazon business. Filipiak and Kotalla, together with the AMZTOTAL team, are now helping their clients build a fully functional Amazon FBA business, guiding them from A to Z.

AMZTOTAL Inc. follows a 7-step process to achieve this.

After a strategic call with the client, the AMZTOTAL team focuses on finding the most profitable products to serve as the client’s cornerstone of success. The team then improves the product to make sure it brings a unique value to target consumers. Once the product is up to standards, they order it from China and import it to Amazon warehouses for a smooth sailing process.

The AMZTOTAL team will handle the marketing and launching of the product. Using proven strategies and innovative marketing methods, AMZTOTAL Inc. ensures the highest visibility possible in the Amazon market. After the initial launch, the team constantly optimizes the product, so it continues to sell even after a long time.

Clients are fully on board with each step of the process. They get personalized coaching and gain all the necessary insights about Amazon FBA, so in the end, they become successful Amazon entrepreneurs too.

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