Low Hanging Fruit Swings To The Heights

November 09 21:58 2021
An Instant Bestseller

Shedding light on the harsh realities of life, Susan Johnson-Kropp, a successful published author, has brought our attention to the story of a child belonging to a broken family in her novel, “Low Hanging Fruit.” She paints a most realistic portrait of life, eschewing the rose-colored glasses that the fiction authors have made their readers wear for quite a long time. The protagonist in the story is a 15-year-old girl, Erica, dealing with the turmoil of living with her mother and younger sister post-divorce, her mother’s illness, school, abject poverty, and being a teenager in a new town. Susan has done a great job of tying up loose ends with a fortunate ending where Erica discovers her true self and sets herself on the journey of self-acceptance.

“Susan displays an adept story-telling talent, drawing the reader into the hopes, dreams, pain, and triumph of her protagonist, fifteen-year-old Erica Tambo, who learns many of life’s most important lessons at the school of hard knocks in the Bavarian-styled village of Leavenworth, Washington.” – Neil Low (Author of Thick as Thieves, Sign of the Dragon, and Unreasonable Persuasion)

The way Susan has penned down this unusual and unexpected story displays her mastery in her work. Every chapter will unravel a dark side of life, gripping the reader’s interest to a completely unpredicted ending. The book is now counted among the impeccable work of fiction and thriller mysteries. It’s amazing to see Susan pouring her creativity into pages to open the eyes of the reader. Her work speaks of her credentials as a learned graduate with a degree in English Creative Writing. Readers are awaiting another thought-provoking piece of work from Susan.

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