Marley Desinord: The 11-Year-Old Powerhouse Who Is Currently Dominating the Music Scene

November 10 02:30 2021
Marley Desinord: The 11-Year-Old Powerhouse Who Is Currently Dominating the Music Scene

If there is anything that modern times have taught us, it is that industries are no longer exclusive playgrounds for middle-aged authority figures. Today’s established authorities and highly accomplished personalities who come from different walks of life have conquered their respective trades and secured coveted positions at the summits of success, regardless of age, size, gender, social status, and cultural ethnicities. Although entering any scene still remains to be a daunting task to fulfill, passion-driven power players prove that success in any field is within arm’s reach so long as one pours their hearts into their crafts. In the case of Marley Desinord, an 11-year-old musical genius, her drive to succeed in a highly cutthroat industry has allowed her to materialize her vision despite the glaring age gap between the dreamer and other industry players in the field. As she continues to reach impressive heights, Marley is setting the bar high, inspiring many young aspirants to thrive no matter how difficult the path may seem.

Better known in the industry as DJ Marley, the rising star is currently making waves across the industry not only for her distinctive artistry and stellar discography but also for her inspiring tale of trials and triumphs at a young age. Being one of the youngest players across the industry, it has not been easy for Marley. However, the passion she has for her craft has led the emerging powerhouse to establish a name for herself, making her a source of motivation for many young hopefuls in the field. Through her diligent efforts and unparalleled talents, Marley Desinord is on her way to becoming a household name across a competitive industry.

Since Marley Desinord was young, she has always had an incredible affinity towards beats, rhythm, and music. At an early age, Marley would often hang at the tailgates of a Miami Dolphins’ game, where she would see a DJ perform. Hundreds of people danced to the DJ’s beat, inspiring the young talented powerhouse to learn the craft. With no proper mentor to guide her throughout her journey, Marley remained steadfast and learned the ways of the trade on her own. When she began recording short Instagram videos of her homemade pieces, Marley quickly caught the attention of the CEO of the Miami Dolphins, Tom Garfinkel. In August 2018, Marley was one of the first young DJs to perform in front of 60,000 people in Hardrock Stadium at the age of eight.

With her unique sound, incomparable beats, and inspirational story, it came as no surprise how Marley Desinord quickly rose to fame. Since her breakthrough, Marley has been working on some projects while collaborating with some notable artists like DJ Khaled. She has opened up for the Black Eyed Peas at a concert in Bayfront Park, Miami and worked with Disney for a promotional campaign for its original film, Spin. On top of that, Marley has also flown to Los Angeles to perform in an outdoor drive-in movie premiere.

When this young personality is not busy crushing the stage with her tantalizing beats, Marley can be seen volunteering to help needy families through various YMCA programs, such as Shoot for a Change.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, Marley Desinord is expected to release several new projects in the years to come. Through these creative moves, Marley is not only taking center stage as a must-watch force in the industry, but she is also inspiring young hopefuls to strive for excellence despite the challenges that may lie ahead.

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