A|LOUD Proudly Champions Circular Fashion, Focuses on Sustainable Practices in the Industry

November 09 19:09 2021
The fashion brand utilizes technology to reduce production costs and other factors in garment production.

Most brands make a big deal out of their unrivaled customer service, never failing to mention it in every article and promotional material. However, not many take customer service further to the point where they encourage customers to be conscious consumers. A|LOUD, an ethical and environmental fashion brand, follows circular fashion standards in producing green fashion and collections for men and women.

A|LOUD respects circular model using technologies to modify classical processes to create eco and ethical dresses in its production. The Dubai-based green fashion brand is the first to use technologies that reduce up to 90 percent costs, reduce pollution and accelerate the entire production process from concept to finished garment.

“No other brand in the world has gone so far in using technology in fashion. We have a vision completely focused on sustainability and on reducing costs to offer the customer a top-quality garment at a reduced price. We use technology such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc. in all processes. We will create the first globally recognized fashion brand born and designed in Dubai,” shared Anna Nappi and Giovanni Tricarico Rosano, founders of A|LOUD.

The opposite of circular fashion’s sustainability is fast fashion and its linear clothing system. This model encourages mass production and mass marketing, which mostly only benefits the companies and manufacturers. On the other end, consumers are urged to buy every new release from fast fashion brands because they are trendy and comparatively cheap.

Little do most fast fashions consumers know, the practices of the brands they patronize have damaging effects on the environment. Textile production is a mean pollutant — dumping toxic chemicals, dangerous dyes and synthetic fibers that eventually lead to the ocean as well as producing 1.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year.

Circular fashion, which is what A|LOUD is all about, is a regenerative system. Circular fashion brands produce garments that are circulated until it’s past their maximum value. They also design or develop products with the next use in mind

A|LOUD carefully abides by the principles of circular fashion, including resource efficiency, biodegradability, recyclability and non-toxicity. Their designs and clothes have recyclable sources and are produced with strict ethical practices. Circular fashion brands ensure that the lifecycle of their products has no harmful socio-economic or environmental effects.

A|LOUD uses blockchain technology to certify their products, AI to produce photos and advertisements, a virtual dressing room to enhance the shopping experience and a revolutionary way to go on the market.

The brand’s upcoming app will change the user experience. More information can be found at their website (https://thealoud.com/) and Instagram page (@the.aloud).

About A|LOUD

A|LOUD is a fashion brand proudly based in Dubai that respects circular model using technologies to modify classical processes to create eco and ethical dresses in its production.

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