Coach Charlie Mac Launches High-Performance Coaching Courses

November 09 06:03 2021
Through self-directed education and experience, Charlie has developed high-performance coaching sessions available to driven women who want to experience a more happy and confident life experience.

Wild Woman International, Inc and Charlie Mac are pleased to announce the launch of her high-performance coaching programs. She believes in order to create outer empires it begins with what she calls the building of confidence castles. The core philosophy is defined as laying a foundation that is built from within. The author bases her coaching and coursework on personal experience. She has lived in the environment of abusive marriage, been a single mother of small children on Welfare, and was resilient through homelessness following the loss of everything she had built. 

Charlie studied spirituality, Philosophy, Energetics, Epigenetics, Neuroscience, earned a masters in Psychology and did the deep inner work to strip back layers of programming to rebuild her sense of self-worth. She designed her program of healing and redefining her self-image, leading to reclaiming her power. She even authored her workbooks, which some family members and friends requested. 

Coaching others has been a natural culmination of her own experience and education. Coach Charlie Mac evolved into Wild Woman International, Inc. Today, Charlie is an intuitive high-performance coach who helps driven women build confidence castles and create their outer empires through her Release, Redefine and Reclaim Process. She loves to help her clients free themselves from all the pleasing, performing, and perfecting that has been holding them back so they can break through and reclaim their power.  Charlie says, “It’s all about stepping into your wild unapologetic self.”

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Coaching at Wild Woman International is developed from actual practice. Charlie’s methods are research-based and grounded in psychology and science. The client’s spiritual self is considered a critical part of the equation. Charlie only works with 15 clients at a time, ensuring each client’s journey is genuinely bespoke and all about them. She doesn’t pull punches, but she also holds space for compassionate reflection. In addition to three 90-minute sessions per month, clients have access between sessions through Voxer. One-on-one clients also receive a physical workbook and planner to support them along this road of deep, inner work.

About the Company: 

Wild Woman International offers courses and coaching designed to improve self-confidence in women so they really can have it all. A sense of self-worth will improve all aspects of quality of life. Inner strength development is fostered in the courses and workbooks.

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