19 years of perseverance, Yang Jie devoted herself to quality control

November 08 10:06 2021

Wearing a white coat and a pair of black safety shoes, a pair of bright eyes staring at the solvent in the reagent bottle, she is the “Zhejiang Craftsman of the New Era” in 2021,Yang Jie. She is the chief of the Quality Control of NHU Nutrition Business Unit.

If quality control is the “eye” of production, then as quality controller, ensuring accuracy and timeliness of all test data is the top priority so as to guide production. If there is deviation in the test result, the controller needs to carefully analyze, compare the test results and find the cause item by item. After years of precipitation, Yang Jie turned the time into precise technology. Time will hone a craft, and time will also polish a person’s nature.

Only the loneliness that endure ten million times of practice, carefulness, precise, single-minded, working without distractions, just can have present Yang Jie. From the quality control to the pilot workshop, she shuttled back and forth constantly and hurried under her feet. With her firm steps, she stuck to the quality goal of “the qualified rate of the factory products reaches 99.9% or more”, assisted in establishing the product quality assurance system to solve the production bottleneck, and made positive contributions to the company’s quality control. From an excellent inspector to the deputy section chief of quality control, Yang Jie pays attention to every detail, reads every scale correctly and completes every analysis project well. It is her high standard and strict requirements, so that busy production line has the power to move forward, so that the market has a assured guarantee, so that consumers have reason to believe that NHU products can stand the test!

Behind each qualified product, contains the inspection personnel’s hard work. 19 years of perseverance in doing the same thing is the best interpretation of “craftsman spirit” by Yang Jie.

Yang Jie’s persistent spirit also coincides with NHU. In the future, NHU will continue to uphold the corporate purpose of “creating wealth, achieving employees and benefiting the society” and advance hand in hand with all employees. At the same time, we will combine the health evaluation system of listed companies, strengthen the confidence of development, establish and improve the internal control system, shape the core values, continue to optimize the high-quality genes of listed companies, and contribute to the sustainable and high-quality development of the global economy.

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