Stoga Corporation Launches a Range of Mechanical Ergonomic Gaming Keyboards which Offer Stress-Free User Experience

November 08 09:40 2021

Stoga corporation has launched its ergonomic mechanical gaming keyboard to give a delightful and stress-free gaming experience. The ergonomic feature works by mitigating stress on hands and wrists while typing or gaming. These ergonomic keyboards are affordable and available in different variants.

Stoga has launched mechanical ergonomic gaming keyboards that will give gamers a whole new experience. This gaming keyboard offers a high-performance MCU design, full-speed USB communication protocol to meet the requirement of competitive games. These ergonomic keyboards eliminate repetitive stress injuries with qualities that support hands and wrists.

Compatibility is not an issue for the Stoga gaming keyboard as it is a perfect match with the Windows series, Android, Linux, IOS and other operating systems and gaming PCs. It is suitable for Teclado Gamer.

The Stoga MK25 mechanical gaming keyboard is made with deliberate research to create the most durable and ergonomic keyboard for users. 

“Stoga provides first-class gaming devices and gadgets at an affordable price, breaking through the boundary and bringing a better new experience.”

The high-quality Stoga keyboards give a quick response, better typing feel, more durable and satisfying tactile activation with an audible click.

The Stoga brand has a variety of ergonomic keyboards with various unique features and functions that meet the needs of every available user. These ergonomic keyboards do relieve not only hand and wrist stress but also offer a stylish and comfortable package. 

The Stoga keyboard is designed with 61 keys, and 100 keys can be realised after FN combination ( standard keys and multimedia function keys),  come with an RGB lighting design with LED lamp of 256 Level Pwm with a variety of incredible lighting effects, supports full keyboard backlight customisation to give a unique and delightful gaming experience. 

The Stoga Typewriter gaming keyboard is a great ergonomic keyboard with an aluminium alloy panel, thin body design,  RBB customisable lighting with 16 million colour adjustments. The keyboard also has a 108- key brown switch, an anti-ghosting N-key rollover that removes input error when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. Its two-colour injection retro round keycaps come with laser engraved characters that are durable and non-fading.

The Stoga MK22 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is another ergonomic design with  61-Key and is USB-C Portable. The Designed keyboard has a space-saving configuration, changeable RGB backlight, detachable USB-C cable, 100 key FN combination and improved mechanical brown switches.

Investing in a Stoga ergonomic keyboard is a technical upgrade from the conventional keyboard. However, it is beyond that; it is an investment in your health. 

The ergonomic keyboard is designed with unique features to reduce, if not eliminate, repetitive stress injuries on hands, wrists and shoulders from years of daily use.

With the conventional keyboard, the hand is forced to make unnatural twists and turns parallel to the keyboard; doing this continuously for a period would adversely affect hands and wrists. The ergonomic keyboard was created to fix this problem and minimise these strenuous twists and turns. It puts all keys at fingers’ length without forcing a reach, bend or twist of arms. Ergonomic keyboards come in two designs, the unibody model and the split-chassis models that physically separate into two adjustable halves. 

The Stoga mechanical keyboard, a unibody model typically in a slim chassis case, is budget-friendly and wireless. The benefits of the ergonomic keyboard outweigh that of the conventional one, increased productivity, increased typing speed, proper typing posture, and increased comfort.

Aside from ergonomic gaming keyboards, Stoga Cooperation, one of the key leaders and creators of high-performance gaming controllers, offers select accessories and customisable gaming controllers for consoles and PCs has become the no 1 top choice for professional and casual gamers. 

“We understand that every gamer is different and has their unique demands. We constantly customise the controllers to fit your unique taste.”

These Stoga controllers come with various functions like vibration and console wake up, Turbo mode and backside buttons which give an intriguing and fun gaming experience.

“Technology innovation is always at the heart of STOGA. We continue to push the boundaries of innovation to create unique, fantastic gaming controllers that carry functions like vibration and Console wake-up, Turbo Mode, and Back-side buttons.”

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