Extinction Fighters NFTs – Helping Endangered Animals from Dying Out

November 06 04:15 2021

According to the IUNC Red List of Threatened Species, more than 38,500 species face the threat of extinction around the world. Unfortunately, the annihilation of animal species can lead to devastating effects in our surroundings since every creature has a specific role they perform in the ecosystem. If one species disappears, its absence will affect the wellbeing of other animal or plant species and eventually humans. Luckily, there are strategic steps we can take to fight the eradication of various species to ensure they repopulate and keep performing their role in the environment and that’s why EXTINCTION FIGHTERZ NFTs exist. 


EXTINCTION FIGHTERZ NFTs is a team of creative nature and NFT enthusiasts looking to make the world a better place by raising awareness for endangered animals in different places. Their animal preservation strategy involves using the NFT ecosystem to educate and inform people of the importance of endangered species. This unique take is meant to catch the eye of nature lovers with a passion for NFTs. There are many threats that endangered animals face today, including the destruction of habitats, over-predation, diseases, and poaching. The NFT collection that Extinction Fighterz is creating will help inspire many into taking a stand against the dangers that animals face. 

Currently, Extinction Fighters is working on featuring a tiger in the NFT collection that is fighting for the survival of its kind. They chose a tiger because it’s a powerful and fearless animal that won’t go down without a fight. With only about 3,900 tigers remaining globally, Extinction Fighterz has created a collection of 3,900 male and 3,900 female tigers in their metaverse to repopulate the species. In this virtual world, tigers aren’t the only animals you’ll see since it’ll eventually be inhabited by thousands of other endangered species. This metaverse will allow viewers to learn interesting facts about various animals and how to relate and interact with them safely. 

While Extinction Fighterz is currently a team of four guys, there’s a lot of room for growth since they are looking to get more artists and developers to join the fight. Daniele Marino is a financial analyst well versed in multiple coding languages and is also a blockchain expert. Another member of the team is Tommaso Ponti, who started art dealing at the age of 16 and also works as a crypto investor. Niccolo Bruno is also a crypto investor but works as a chartered tax accountant and designer. Last but not least is Giacomo De Cristofaro, an aerospace engineer, crypto miner, and multi-lingual coder. 

These 24 to 26-year-old nature and NFT enthusiasts are committed to building a stunning ecosystem that can inspire others to fight for endangered animals. The ultimate goal is to build a strong community that can participate in future projects by providing competencies to help get their name out there. The Extinction Fighterz community will also decide on future projects by taking a vote on the direction the company should go. If you’d like to get involved in this animal preservation movement, you should reach out to Extinction Fighterz today and help make the world safer for endangered animals.

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