Paris-Based Start-Up Marmelapp Launches Original Entertainment App Snax

October 27 03:04 2021
French app developer, Marmelapp, announces the release of a new all-inclusive entertainment app named Snax, with a unique combination of games and movies

The team at Marmelapp, led by the forward-thinking Jérôme Boé, is staying true to their goal of entertaining and captivating people through impactful and engaging mobile applications with the release of Snax. Described as “the new home for interactive movies,” Snax is designed to bring gaming enthusiasts and movie lovers into the process of creating blockbusters by allowing them to make their own choices and solve puzzles.

The global entertainment industry has continued to evolve, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar market. Over the years, a plethora of brands have emerged in different parts of the world to meet the growing and diverse needs of consumers. The movie and gaming sectors of the entertainment industry have played a major role in the development of the market. In a related development, different products have been developed to bridge the gap between both divides. Unfortunately, no solution has effectively addressed the concerns of users in this regard, which is where Marmelapp aims to make a difference with Snax.

The free user-friendly mobile app has an easy-to-navigate interface, with 100% bitesize content to create a truly unique experience for users. Snax can be rightly described as the first-of-its-kind app that turns gamers into movie makers, with interactive gameplay that gives players control over how the story progresses.

Snax features different tasking yet entertaining puzzles, with hints available for players that get stuck and a 360 mode to aid their decision-making process. The app is free to download, with subscription options available within the app for access to premium features and unlimited content.

The interactive movie app is currently available on the App Store for users of iOS devices, amidst rave reviews from players. “This game is pretty cool. Before you get it, here’s what to expect, there will be some jump scares and lots or murder crime scenes. Perfect for the spooky season! It really makes you think, there are cool features like 360 mode and it’s really like you’re actually there. But get this, you don’t need any account or anything! And btw the affect it makes when you open the app is so satisfying. Really needs more recognition,” said dxlyen.

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