Auto Paste Keyboard: The custom keyboard that enables users to type faster without making errors

October 26 01:54 2021

October 25, 2021 – Given the widespread popularity of messaging apps globally, it’s not surprising to hear that WhatsApp processes about 100 billion messages a day. And with a whopping 88% of millennials choosing text over calls, this trend is only set to increase as people are shifting to remote models of interaction. However, constantly sending messages is not ideal for most of us who are trying to manage our time more efficiently.

Fortunately, there’s an app that enables us to boost our productivity by cutting down our texting time. Auto Paste Keyboard is an app that allows its users to easily paste frequently used text messages without having to switch over to another app to copy and then paste. The custom keyboard app enables users to type out the content beforehand and directly send the message, from their keyboard, without switching apps. 

One can rightly say that now, more than ever before, time is the most valuable asset we have. And texting can be a highly time-consuming activity, be it for work or personal reasons. For instance, while working, there are times when we need to send a specific message to multiple people. And often, we end up spending a good amount of our time and energy to copy the same text and paste it to share it with multiple contacts. To add to this, since the Covid-19 pandemic, the amount of time people spend on messaging apps (Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger) has increased significantly.

Auto Paste Keyboard’s offering emerges as just the solution we need to help us manage our time efficiently. The app allows one to prepare several messages or templates as they like to call it, and in turn, reduces the time wasted on sending the same message several times. Users can readily access these templates by simply switching out their keyboards when they need to fill in a particular message. Auto Paste Keyboard enables users to keep up with their fast-paced lives and send quicker messages without making any errors while doing so.

When using the app, the user will need to authorize their devices to use the Auto Paste Keyboard. Once inside, users will see a list of premade messages provided by the app, alongside a feature to create their custom messages. The app also comes with an option to affix a particular message when holding down the paste button, and this feature can be adjusted in the app’s settings. The app also comes with an auto-send feature that works on several social networking apps such as Snapchat and TikTok.

“Auto Paste Keyboard helps users type faster without leaving any room for errors in their writings. We strive to offer our users with the best experience possible, at absolutely no added cost, says Hai Nguyen Hoang, Founder, Font Keyboard Company Limited.

Auto Paste Keyboard is a free app and is available for all. Templates for frequently used phrases can be created by users, which can be accessed when texting friends or family. One can also use the app for professional purposes for sending out briefs that can be drafted and saved as a template beforehand. And it can be used for general purposes such as sharing your email address or phone number to ensure that the right one is sent each time.

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