Kimi Pursuing Success in the American Music Industry as an Immigrant

October 25 16:57 2021
Kimi Pursuing Success in the American Music Industry as an Immigrant

Getting the privilege to succeed through less thorny paths is a luxury that many immigrants do not have access to. Freskim Rama, also known as Kimi, can relate to not having that privilege.

Kimi arrived in the United States at a very young age with zero English-speaking skills. To make things more challenging, he was all by himself. Leaving his home country of Kosovo for the United States was solely for him to pursue his dreams and achieve the music dreams his mother had but could not fulfill. So, upon his arrival in the US, he picked up all types of odd jobs to keep body and soul together and his dreams alive.

These days, Kimi is all about connecting with his fans, making good music, and entertaining people the way he knows best. He understands the importance of support, and he counts heavily on everyone worldwide to take little actions like following him on social media, streaming his songs, and interacting with him across platforms to propel him to increased exposure in the music industry.

Born during the Kosovo war into a struggling family of seven, Kimi sees success as non-negotiable. “I left home to pursue my dreams, and nothing will deter me from doing that. I have a long story of struggles from before I was born, and being the youngest of three sisters and two brothers, I know that making it is a must for me,” Kimi revealed. “Back home, I have a mother who cannot walk while I’m here, pulling all the stops to make my dreams come true. Music is something I’m passionate about, and I am committed to making sure everyone hears my voice all over the globe,” Kimi added.

In many ways, Kimi hopes to make himself a point of contact and source of inspiration for many other struggling young people. “No matter where you come from or the type of background story you have, don’t ever let that get in your way because you deserve to be happy and to follow your dreams. There’s always hope, but of course, hope stays alive with hard work,” Kimi said.

The twenty-three-year-old musician draws inspiration from his mother and family back in Kosovo. Remembering the dreams and goals they built together pushes him to do more every day and maintain his focus. He draws strength from them to keep enduring the pain he feels from not being with his family.

“My mum is my biggest inspiration because no matter what she’s going through, she remains positive. She loves life, and when I see how proud she is when watching my videos, it melts my heart that I’m finally doing all that she wanted to do when she was young,” Kimi said.

Kimi’s goal for the next few years is to release top-charting songs and go on worldwide tours. He hopes to continue pushing himself closer to his goal, inspiring other people and showing them that they can work on their dreams and make them happen.

Learn more about Kimi on his official Instagram page and watch his latest cover on YouTube.

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