Atlantean Conspiracy – A Must-Read Book For Every Mystery Lover

October 20 19:24 2021
Atlantean Conspiracy by Mark Gibbs is a well-written book on the city of Atlantis and its highly mysterious yet powerful residents – Atlantean.

The world is full of mysteries. Despite tremendous advances in science, humans continue to be clueless about many aspects of their surroundings. Rather than the land they dwell on, the ocean, which is home to many stories, legends, and secrets, appears alien. While researchers have excelled in explaining many of these mysteries, there are still plenty that remain unsolved.

The fascinating aquatic realm includes lost kingdoms, secret treasures, and enigmatic ships. The city of Atlantis and its inhabitants, the Atlanteans, are at the top of the list. Atlantis’ vast kingdom was incredibly affluent, and Atlantean magic and technology transformed the island dominion into a realm of wonders in an otherwise brutal and primitive period. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato originally described Atlantis more than 2,300 years ago, and it is considered one of the world’s oldest and most profound mysteries. Plato claims that the kingdom existed 9,000 years before his time and unexpectedly vanished one day.

Atlantean Conspiracy, a book by Mark Gibbs, is about humanity who survived through hunting, fishing, and gathering any food growing wild in the environment. This book is a must-read for people having a passion for all things Atlantis. The Atlantean, famed for being the exhibit of all worldly delights in the globe, was as mysterious as it is inviting. The Atlanteans, on the other hand, were fast to learn and their knowledge expanded. This went on for thousands of years, as the leading bands around the island were slowly changing and their belief in their gods clouded their minds to the truth of nature that surrounded them. The Atlanteans were once the most advanced and powerful people to be found anywhere on Earth.

Mark Gibbs works full-time for the NHS in the community as part of the district nursing team, and he is nearing the end of his thirty-year career. To relieve stress and depression, he began writing. He enjoys using his imagination to solve problems and create his world. When he discovers a vase that he bought online, he embarks on an adventure of finding, escaping, and putting them in strange places. He is a father of one daughter, happily married, and a granddad of two girls. The other best-selling books written by Mark Gibbs are Secrets of the Holy Family, God’s Lively People: Christians In Tomorrow’s World, and The Virgin and the Priest.

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