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October 19 22:36 2021
Rent-a-company is a United Kingdom-based firm that offers the advantages of owning a company while eliminating high fees and maintenance related to it.

Starting a company is a huge step towards self-reliance, financial independence, and personal growth. However, many people feel more secure working for others, fearing that such ventures could lose them thousands of dollars and their current job positions.

According to Shopify, “small business owners spend an average of $40,000 in their first full year of business.“ The manufacturing process occupies the bulk of the budget space, followed by operational fees, e-commerce optimization, shipping, salaries, and marketing.

Rent-a-Company is a United Kingdom-based brand that is revolutionizing the way small businesses are lifting off the ground. The brand’s main goal is to help clients focus on productivity, take fewer loans during the initial integrational steps, and ultimately increase their revenue:

”With Rent-a-Company you can easily get paid and invoice your clients from the rented company. Simply focus on your work and clients without having to deal with the costs and time constraints of running your own company. Rent-a-Company helps you get paid, be more productive, save money, and increase your profits by up to 50%.”

By engaging Rent-a-company’s services, clients will not need to pay for setup fees and accounting; clients will also benefit from significant tax reduction and dramatically increased profits.

“We manage accounting and paperwork so you can focus solely on your work and clients. Our network of international companies allows you to build a professional business image. Renting a company gives you all the privileges of owning a company without the drawbacks thereof. Complete solution for your business needs.”

Each rented company comes with a bank account housed in one of the most dependable banks within the country of the company’s registration. Clients will also receive a debit card with the rented company.

Rent-a-company’s platform guarantees privacy while offering online invoicing and online baking features. Through Rent-a-company, clients can create and send invoices and manage finances from a singular place without having to pay extra maintenance fees.

The process of renting a company is characterized by straightforwardness and simplicity. Clients will get an opportunity to choose from over 100 companies in the most business-attractive countries, send invoices, manage their finances, and withdraw money to personal bank accounts through PayPal, e-wallets, and credit or debit cards.

“By renting a company, you enter into a partnership with Rented Company, in which Rented Company acts as a commission agent that takes care of payments and paperwork so you can focus completely on your work and customers. You can send invoices from Rented Company, receive the payments from your customers, pay your subcontractors and suppliers and withdraw money to your bank account, PayPal, debit/credit card, or e-wallet as compensation or secondary income.“

The brand also offers a free Fee Calculator feature, allowing clients to calculate the estimated fees of rented companies, based on parameters such as turnover, partnership fee, and processing fee.

In terms of pricing, Rent-a-Company’s services start as low as €49 per month while the minimal rental period is a single month. The company also offers Pay-As-You-Go payment options.

Rent-A-Company services are ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as for all individuals operating in the e-commerce space. The brand’s solutions are also well-suited for accepting cards and selling products on digital marketplaces.

More information about Rent-a-Company can be found on the brand’s official website.

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