Author Deb Worley’s top rated book “Scent-sational Searches” looks to help shoppers enjoy their ‘search’ for fine fragrances by guiding them to their perfect fragrance family.

October 19 20:21 2021
Her book explores the reasoning of how people can choose a great fragrance to ‘gift’ themselves or a special friend. It also includes a fragrance history and 100 of the most often asked questions about perfumes and more!

Author Deb Worley has created an impressive shopping guide in “Scent-sational Searches” especially for young people who have difficulty finding fragrances they love.  

The book presents a unique take on the subject of perfume and which ‘fragrance family’ best suits the body’s chemistry. 

It is based upon Deb’s Fragranista Theory, that stems from already proven  matches of the basic four personality to blood types.  By surveying customers and using trials of application and observation she found good fits for each person to one of the four basic fragrance families.

Deb says her journey to becoming a “Fragranista” or “lover of beautiful smells” began from childhood memories. 

“I noticed early on how good my Daddy smelled after splashing his face with Old Spice After Shave. I paid attention to my Mama’s special scent of Estee Lauder’s Youth-Dew. I still have her last bottle retrieved from her dresser after she passed on,” shares Deb.

Other features in the book include a fragrance history that takes readers from antiquities to present-day pure and synthetic choices and a chapter on Deb’s most favored perfumers.

Deborah has spent many years of research plus experience to revolutionize the choosing of scents or perfumes and how it significantly relates to the individual personality.

Readers will find copies of Deb’s Fragrance Reference Card and Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel. They also get answers to over 100 most asked fragrance questions. 

“Scent-Sational Searches was created to help shoppers enjoy their ‘Search’ for fine fragrances,” says Deb.

In a review, Sandy Duvall, Estee Lauder Counter Manager, said she has been in the fragrance retail world for over 20 years but did not know that a person’s blood type affects fragrance scent.

“Deb is amazingly on target with this system. After working with her for over three years, I’m a believer,” wrote Sandy.

On the other hand, Kim Medlin said Deb helped her find the right fragrance for her daughter-in-law. 

“We talked about her personality and found what she thought would be a match based on her theory! It turned out that it did,” wrote Kim. 

The scent of perfume and a glamorous Mary Kay Beauty Consultant drew Deb into her world of beauty. She became enchanted by their perfume, Angel Fire, and was hooked on fragrance.

Deb said she could not afford to buy all of them, so she joined her team, and the consultant helped her earn it for herself. 

Deb quickly rose to the top of her team because she simply loved what she was doing, becoming successful by helping others.

“I really learned to sell by getting rid of the dollar signs in my eyes and learn to help others. This one beautiful thought from Mary Kay herself has been the cornerstone of my career in sales,” Deb shares.

Deb mostly worked in the advertising section of the newspaper industry and won many creative awards. She also spent a short time marketing for Assisted Living/Dementia facilities in South Carolina. There, she developed a greater understanding of mental disorders. 

Deb says she plans to donate part of her book profits to help fundraise through the service club, Pilot International. 

“Their main thrust to raise money is for brain health research. I was an active member for years who moved up the ranks and served as Club President. This awareness has prodded me to make a difference when and where I can,” explains Deb.

Readers may follow Deb’s website at and on other social media.

“Scent-Sational Searches” is available for purchase on Amazon and Book Depository

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