unpa Serves As A Customer-Centric Beauty Brand That Encourages Authenticity

October 18 18:42 2021
Korean Beauty Brand Provides A Platform For Customers To Share Real Life Results of Beauty Products.

unpa is a beauty brand that dares to break the status quo of beauty product imagery and marketing. The Korean brand provides a platform encouraging beauty product users to share real results without having to compare them to the supposed outcomes projected by advertisements.

This revolutionary concept was developed based on customers’ personal opinions on beauty products all around the world. The unpa founders saw that many customers do not always achieve the results they expect from the beauty products they purchase. This was not because the products were ineffective, but because customers feel a disconnect with how the beauty brands are portrayed in their ads.

The brand’s unique name, unpa, is derived from the phrase “unni’s pouch” which translates to “big sister pouch” in the Korean language. It represents the brand’s message of acting as a big sister to the many users who rely on the wisdom, resourcefulness, and sincere care of a big sister in helping them look and feel beautiful.

The unpa team realized that customers have different perspectives and lifestyles compared to the models who represent these brands. From a simple show-and-tell, the idea grew into the beauty brand offering its own line of products. unpa introduces a new approach that is focused on customers, providing a platform that encourages authenticity and acknowledges the individuality of each customer.

“We are not out to tramp on the rest, but to pave a beautiful path for YOU to choose beauty products that truly work for you,” said the unpa team. The brand now hosts a community of over two million users.

unpa provides a variety of beauty and self-care products including lip balms, toothpaste, creams, toners, and cleansers. The products are developed exclusively in collaboration with millions of actual users ensuring that they address concerns and recommendations of customers based on first-hand experiences.

Some of unpa’s top-selling items are its Bubi Bubi bubble lip scrub, which is designed to deliver a dual gentle peeling effect, while softening the skin and removing dead skin cells, to reveal new skin below. As well as the Lacto Cica Barrier Cream which helps rejuvenate the skin and stimulates its recovery.

unpa also has a growing presence on social media. Its Instagram account, @unpa.global, has a growing following now numbering nearly fourteen thousand. On the other hand, the unpa Facebook page is nearing ten thousand.

More information about unpa and its products can be found on its website, https://unpaglobal.com/.

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