BrokeBoyz – Introducing The Generative NFT Project Going Viral for Mocking the NFT Industry.

October 18 18:00 2021
BrokeBoyz - Introducing The Generative NFT Project Going Viral for Mocking the NFT Industry.

London, UK – October 18th, 2021 – BrokeBoyzNFT Launching NFT Animated Series and Metaverse Fighting Game soon with a focus on parodying the NFT community in a light-hearted way sure to win over people from inside and outside the blockchain comm

BrokeBoyzNFT offers two unique opportunities for collectors:

  • BrokeBoyzNFT is a story-based NFT collection, told through an animated series and Metaverse Fighting game. Unlike most NFT projects, Brokeboyz has utility that is sure to propel it forward post-launch.
  • The BrokeBoyzNFT is a satirical project that uses comedy to get crypto newbies and OG’s excited about minting to become part of the light-hearted community.

BrokeBoyz have interesting drop mechanics that include elements of Game Theory to create community driven market dynamics for the collection. There will be 3 drops in total consisting of the 3 BrokeBoyz main characters: Tess, B-Block, and Roosevelt.

5,000 B-Blocks (the first character in the animated series) will be minted, then 5,000 Tess will be available to holders of the first NFT. Receiving the last NFT in the collection will require users to burn one of their existing BrokeBoyz, ensuring the collection never has over 10,000 NFTs in circulation. Giving collectors something to look forward to that can also help bring new members into the community and fund future development.

After the first drop, the first episode of the animated series will be released. 3-6 months after the mint, the BrokeBoyzBrawl Metaverse video game will be released. The game allows users to breed NFTs from other notable collections with their BrokeBoyz to make characters for an open-world fighting game giving the BrokeBoyz metaverse infinite possibilities for crossovers and partnerships with other NFT collections.

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