Prestige Botanicals And Their World Famous Silk Flowers

September 29 17:24 2021

What happens when one is inspired by elegant floral designs and wishes to create their own, but they live in a part of the world that doesn’t mix well with flowers?

Whether it’s either too hot, there is not enough rain or maybe there is just a lack of access to seeds and gardening supplies.

This was the conundrum that Prestige Botanicals founder Astar Young was faced with upon returning to her native New Zealand from work as the Sultan of Brunei’s floral designer in 1994.

She found herself going from ideal conditions for flowers in Brunei, a lush, tropical climate with plenty of rain.

To, in her own words, moving to ‘the wrong hemisphere’ for growing flowers, in New Zealand.

A problem not uncommon to many in the world considering over 800 million people live in that ‘wrong hemisphere’.

Rather than going without flowers, Astar asked herself “if I can’t lay my hands on the real thing, who said one can’t incorporate something that isn’t?”

But unsatisfied with the quality of artificial flowers on the market, as nearly all of the choices were made with cheap plastic which always produced a visually displeasing result.

Astar Young set out to create her own artificial flowers that looked as close to the real thing as possible.

With this, Prestige Botanicals, the world’s leaders in high quality and durable artificial botanicals, was born.

From the packaging, to the stem, to the leaves and petals, the silk flowers created by Prestige Botanicals will take any visitor’s breath away.

“How could they NOT be real?” visitors will likely say as they see the lifelike imitations of one’s favorite flowers. Whether they be roses or magnolias, orchids or tulips.

Prestige Botanicals separate themselves from their competition as all of their flowers are hand-made with the finest silk, as was originally intended by artisans in ancient China.

Customers of Prestige Botanicals have commented on this uniqueness in quality, claiming that their flowers are only distinguishable from the real thing, based on the fresh smell that real flowers give off.

This separation in quality has led Prestige Botanicals to state themselves that they create the finest artificial botanicals in the world.

It is hard to deny Prestige Botanicals this right, as one google of their company name shows hundreds of 5 star reviews placed by their customers across the world claiming the exact same.

Go to their website at and shop their collection today.

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