Intending To Immerse Listeners with Melancholic Rock: The Sand Seamlessly Debuts Sophomore Album’s Lead Single

September 29 13:18 2021
Intending To Immerse Listeners with Melancholic Rock: The Sand Seamlessly Debuts Sophomore Album’s Lead Single
Off to a blistering start, The Sand is set to dominate the Rock terrain with their visionary and euphoric new single “Perfect Day”

Kickstarting their career with clean sweeps in country-wide singing competitions, The Sand is nothing short of a promise yet to be delivered. The dream-driven band’s style encompasses guitar strings, fast-paced drumming, and a repertoire of instruments to push their music further into the vision they intended to create it with – Melancholy.

“Perfect Day” glides into the listener’s ear with its underpinned nostalgic, sentimental production. The piano sequence, in the beginning, softens the ear to the intimacy the song sets off to create. Clustering into the loud, the drumming and racy guitar inevitably teleports listeners into a diverse new sphere in which The Sand reside in.

Deliberate pauses before the chorus draw attention to the eclectic yet unified and straightforward lyricism. The exuded passion in the lead singer’s raspy voice is awaiting to become a fan favorite, while the resonance, tone, and passion exuded makes “Perfect Day” a perfect song to listen to.

Reminiscent of bands like Coldplay, The Sand combines elements of rock from the ’90s with their vision of the future of rock.

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The Sand is a Rock band evolving with a consistent and stand-out artistic vision. Based in Spain, The Sand’s alternative beats are not foreign to the borders beyond their hometown. The promising band has reached the final of the UK songwriting contest in London and the international songwriting competition in the United States.

The alternative rock-driven band digs into the art of detail with each song on their upcoming LP. The Sand is establishing itself as a mirror-ball to the rock landscape. They promise to adapt musical styles, evolve, and grow, fine-tuning for an era of music where creativity and evolution happen within the blink of an eye.

Inspired by Cold Play and Travis, the hopeful band claims, “our goal is to reach all the people who feel like an orphan of melancholic music.”



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