Alfa Chemistry Announces to Provide Pharmaceuticals, Illicit Drugs & Alcohol Standards

September 28 22:40 2021

New York, USA – September 28, 2021 – The market demand for certified reference materials and standards has increased in the past decade. In order to make such chemicals easily obtainable for researchers, Alfa Chemistry recently announced to offer a wide range of pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs & alcohol standards that can be used in the analytical testing of many pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs.

“While conducting research on pharmaceuticals, diagnostic biomarkers, and illicit drugs that are of abuse, researchers may need a series of reference materials such as their standards, metabolites, impurities, and degradants in a wide variety of chromatographic and mass spectrometry-based testing scenarios,” says a spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry.

The diverse pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs & alcohol standards can be widely applied for a string of purposes, to name just a few here: clinical toxicology testing, forensic analysis, pharmaceutical testing and research, clinical diagnostic testing, cannabis profiling and potency determination, anti-doping testing in sports as well as pain prescription monitoring.

More specifically, the newly added product line of pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs & alcohol standards at Alfa Chemistry covers:

Additional Drugs

Amphetamines/Stimulants Standards

Anesthetics Standards

Antiasthmatic Drug Standards

Anticonvulsants/Antiepileptics Standards

Antidepressants Standards

Antifungals Standards

Antihistamines Standards

Barbiturate Standards

Benzodiazepines Standards

Cannabinoids Standards

Cardiac Drug Standards

Cocaine Analogs Standards

Hallucinogens Standards


Nicotine/Tobacco Standards

Nonbenzodiazepines Drug Standards

Opiates/Synthetic Analgesic Drug Standards

P451 Metabolite Standards

Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Drug Standards

Sleep Aid Drug Standards

Stomach Acid Inhibitor Standards

For forensic and clinical laboratories, having a stable supply of high-quality certified reference materials is of significant importance to them if they want to analyze illegal drug substances, alcohol or pharmaceuticals in a fast manner and at the same time get the most accurate results. Below are some of these standards provided by Alfa Chemistry:

Lanoconazole (101530-10-3), Acetaminophen (103-90-2), Omeprazole sulfide 5-carboxylic acid (103877-00-5), Meticrane (1084-65-7), Triflupromazine hydrochloride (1098-60-8), Clenproperol-d7 (1173021-09-4), Oxethazaine (126-27-2), Clioquinol (130-26-7), Desomorphine-D3 solution (1354573-64-0), Voriconazole (137234-62-9), 5-Hydroxyomeprazole (92340-57-3), etc.

Each and every of the reference material or standard is supplied with a comprehensive certificate of analysis (CoA). For more information about Alfa Chemistry’s offering of pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs & alcohol standards or other analytical standards, please visit

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