Britain’s Chaotic Christmas: London-Based Artisan Furniture is Winning with a Novel Idea

September 27 19:39 2021
Supply chain woes and artisans’ crusade to turn the tide before the busy season.

What do John Lewis, Costco, Nike and BP have in common? Besides their monstrous turnovers, worldwide brands and huge clientele, these companies, and many others, are going through a bit of a supply chain crisis. The pandemic may be winding down in much of the West but that doesn’t mean its lingering affects aren’t being felt in the business world. Shuttered factories, lack of workers, shortage in sea containers, congested ports and disrupted vessel schedules have all threatened to stretch the supply chains during the busiest and most revenue generating quarter of the year.

But among all the chaos, there’s a company with a novel idea. Artisan Furniture is poised to sail safe in the eye of the festive storm simply by helping their artisans set up crafting units in their villages and towns. This not only brings jobs back into local communities, but also insulates the company from pandemic-based disruptions.

These smaller scale units scattered around the Indian desert state of Rajasthan have continued to flourish and craft products for a client-based thousands of miles away, all while continuing a century old handcrafting tradition that can only really be realized on the local level. More power to the artisans, and more products to their delighted clients.

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